Frequently asked questions

A licence is required for the public use and screening of films. But what does “public screening” mean?

Any screening other than one that takes place within the closest circle of family and friends is generally considered a public screening. In such situations, the screening of works requires a license from the film’s copyright holders or a party representing them.

Elokuvalisenssi offers non-theatrical public screening licenses, granting you the right to publicly show films in venues that are not movie theaters.

May I screen films and documentaries at school during class, at a youth centre, at a library or at an after-school club?

Screening films and documentaries at schools, youth centers, libraries, or after-school clubs constitute public use of the work which requires a license from the copyright holders. A license is required also for the screening of a few minutes or seconds.

Is there a streaming service provided?

We don’t provide a streaming service of our own. The idea behind this website is to offer a selected catalog of movies that we represent. Please note that the use of this website does not require registration.

We acknowledge the need for streaming services among our customers. You can read the approved sources for presenting a movie from next questions.

May I screen films to an audience from legal streaming services?

Streaming services are subject to the same rules as the screening of DVDs. If the screening takes place in a public space or an event anyone may access, a separate licence is required from the copyright holders or a party representing them. In closed events such as movie nights with friends, a separate screening licence is not required.

From which sources I can screen a movie?

You can show the films we represent from any legal source. These include, for example, legal DVDs, Blu-rays, TV recordings and streaming and subscription services. The rights holders have the right to define the presentation of their works to the public, and our mutual agreements specify that the source of the work’s presentation is irrelevant, as long as it is legal.

The Kopiosto’s license obtained by the Finland’s Board of Education for schools regarding the recording and presentation of TV and radio programs does not cover the presentation of films in cinemas or video distribution from Yle Areena or Elävä arkisto. Read more in Kopiosto’s article regarding the use of TV programmes in education. If your school has our Vuosi- or Yhdistelmälupa, you can present movies from Yle Areena or Elävä arkisto that we represent.

We are aware of the challenge, that we are living in a transition phase where organization-specific accounts are not yet offered as a solution. The matter is brought up a lot in our discussions and we believe that there will be relief in the coming years.

What are included in Combination, Annual or Single Movie Licenses?

With Combination license you can present our international and domestic movies, documents, and TV shows.

Please see the lists below:

International studios list

Domestic movies list

Annual license includes only international movies.

With Single Movie License you can select a movie, document, or TV show for your screening from our international or domestic list.

As a Annual Lisence customer, how can I upgrade to Combination License so that I can also show domestic films?

You can fill out the Combination License application normally and indicate in the “Lisätietoja” information field from when you want the domestic film screening licenses to be added into force. We can see from our systems if you are already a Annual License customer, but it is good to mention this separately. Please remember to state the up-to-date number of students if you are applying for a Yhdistelmälupa for the school.

Note! Combination License is only to public, not commercial entities.

If the matter was unclear, please call us or send us a message and we will see together how we act in your case – Contact information

From where I can see which movies are included in my license?

Please see the lists below:

International studios list (For Combination, Annual and Single Movie Licenses)

Domestic movies list (For Combination and Single Movie Licenses)

All our domestic movies are listed and limited but there are more international movies from our represented international studios to choose from. If you have a certain international movie in mind and you’re not sure about its rights, we recommend checking it from IMDb.  You can check this by scrolling to “Production company” on the film’s pages and if you find the production company we represent there or among the distributors, it is part of the license.

You can always contact us in case of doubt, and we will check for you whether the film belongs to our representation.

Can I get a Film License only for a specific course or class?

We do not license a Combination or Annual Licenses for a certain number of courses. In Combination License, we price licenses for educational institutions for the entire number of students at €4.25/pupil and in the Annual License at €3.50/pupil.

As an advantage of these licenses, the school staff can show the films we represent in unlimited quantities every year, including short samples that support teaching. The school’s minimum invoicing is €220/year + VAT 24% and an invoicing surcharge of €12.50.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our Kertalupa for the course, where the price is €185 / film / show + VAT 24% and an invoicing surcharge of €12.50.

Can I get a Film License for the whole city's cultural activity?

We license public performance permits per space, which means in practice in this case Combination or Annual Licenses are licensed for several city buildings. Feel free to contact us if you want, for example, public performance permits for more than one school in your town or a permit for the city’s school, library, and youth center. In that case, we will consider a discount for licensing several spaces.

If, for example, the library space is licensed, another public entity such as cultural, educational and youth organizations can use the library space to show films.

Can I show licensed films in the yard of the venue?

It is possible to apply for a film license only for performance venues that are located indoors. For outdoor and drive-in shows, we offer Single Movie Licenses. Read more about drive-in shows.