Frequently asked questions

A licence is required for the public use and screening of filmed works. But what does “public screening” mean?

Any screening other than one that takes place within the closest circle of family and friends is generally considered a public screening. In such situations, the screening of works requires a licence from the film’s copyright holders or a party representing them.

May I screen films and documentaries at school during class, at a youth centre, at a library or at an after-school club?

Screening films and documentaries at schools, youth centres, libraries or after-school clubs constitutes public use of the work which requires a licence from the copyright holders. A licence is required also for the screening of short excerpts of a few minutes or seconds.

May I screen films to an audience from legal streaming services?

Streaming services are subject to the same rules as the screening of DVDs. If the screening takes place in a public space or an event anyone may access, a separate licence is required from the copyright holders or a party representing them. In closed events such as movie nights with friends, a separate screening licence is not required.

What does the Vuosilupa (annual licence) allow me to screen?

The films chosen from Elokuvalisenssi’s service are suitable for teaching and youth work. In addition, the licence allows the screening of films, documentaries and television shows that are part of the selection of the production companies we represent. See the list of the studios we represent.


Can I apply for Vuosilupa (annual licence) for my own class only?

We only grant licences to entire schools. Pricing is based on the number of students – €3,50/student/year + VAT.

Does Vuosilupa (annual license) allow me to screen films outside at the yard of the screening location?

You may only apply Vuosilupa (annual license) for indoor locations.

We offer film-specific licences for outdoor and drive-in screenings.



I would like to screen one Walt Disney film. Are there one-time licences available for films?

Yes. You can read more about single licences.