Outdoor movie show makes the summer memorable

Summer with its warm evenings enables a new type of movie experience outside. An outdoor show in a park or an urban environment, as well as various drive-in shows, leaves the audience with a memorable memory.

What would it sound like, for example, a themed film aimed at the company’s customers, a cartoon animation film for families with children in the municipality, or a nostalgic classic film for an older audience?

We represent the world’s largest production companies, among whose thousands of films you will surely find a film that interests your audience. Check out the movie’s selection. Our service includes public performance rights and a copy of the performance in DVD or Blu-ray format. The price of outdoor and drive-in shows is €365.00/film+VAT. Place an order directly online by filling out an application. If necessary, we advise on matters e.g. related to the movie selection and copyright.

In matters related to technology and AV operation, we recommend contacting the AV industry companies in the surrounding area.

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Movie recommendations

For outdoor and drive-in shows

Benefits achieved with the help of films from the next few years

  • Increasing customer comfort and customer acquisition in restaurants
  • Creating a program for customer events in shopping centers and businesses
  • Top content for the youngest in the family in hotel and accommodation operations
  • Strengthening the company’s staff spirit and comfort
  • Interesting conversation starters in camp and youth activities
  • Increasing interaction between library users
  • Illustrating and enlivening lesson teaching at different levels of education

Tell us about your needs and we’ll help you find the right movie and type of screening license just for you!

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