Elokuvalisenssi Helps Those Who Work With Children and Young to Use Films Responsibly

Have you already used films in youth work? Movies are an excellent way to broaden young’s world view and start discussions about even difficult topics. Elokuvalisenssi helps to find films suitable for the needs of those working with children and young, as well as the necessary public screening permits (movie licenses). In addition, the service contains learning and discussion materials. 

License Applications

Now Screening Rights for Finnish Movies!

Elokuvalisenssi has entered into a cooperation agreement with Audiovisual Producers Finland (APFI), which represents Finnish AV production companies. The agreement involved the transfer of the licensing rights for Finnish films from APFI to Elokuvalisenssi. With the cooperation, the Elokuvalisenssi’s repertoire grew with hundreds of Finnish films and documentaries. An up-to-date collection of Finnish films can be found in the Elokuvalisenssi’s Online Service.

Finnish Movie Catalogue

Customer Story: Parish in Äänekoski

“Today, young people participate very actively in the activities of our congregation, which can be seen, for example, in the large number of people who have signed up for our big courses. The youth work organized by the Herttoniemi parish includes, in addition to religious school activities, much more, such as fireworks, trips, and movie nights,” says Olkkola.

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Adam Driver plays Space Pilot Mills in '65'. Mills has an accident with his spaceship when it encounters an asteroid field and the ship crashes on Earth. This all happened already 65 million years ago. In addition to Mills, another spaceship passenger survived the shipwreck, a little girl, Koa, and together they have to survive among prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs in order to keep their hope of survival alive.

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