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License required for the public film screening

According to the Finnish Copyright Act, public screening of the film requires permission. With the movie license annual permit, you can present the service's software from a source intended for private use of your choice.


Dream Scenario

2023 | 102 min | K-16 | comedy, fantasy

University professor Paul Matthews begins to appear randomly in people’s dreams as a passive onlooker. The henpecked hero tries to shrug off the inexplicable events, but the media decides to turn him into a phenomenon. As the turmoil progresses, it takes on increasingly nightmarish features, and there is no gratitude standing at the end.

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About the movie


  • english
  • psychology


  • humoristic
  • humanity
  • imagination growth
  • love
  • media education
  • relationship
  • relationships
  • social media
  • studying

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools


  • comedy
  • fantasy

Age limits

  • K-16


  • Scanbox