A Single License is suitable for the public screening of individual movies. The license allows the screening of a specific movie in venues when needed for occasional screenings.

Our catalog includes both Finnish and international movies. We will check the public screening rights for each movie separately. The movies are available immediately after their Home Entertainment premiere, at which point copies are available through us. Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis based on the venue, screening duration and the number of films. The title doesn’t have a influence on pricing.

Browse top-quality movies from Elokuvalisenssi or select a movie from studio catalogues.

You can read the terms of the agreement here

Single Movie License application

Monttu KINO - testimonial

Monttu KINO’s events have attracted a diverse audience – families, couples, and even singles. We have showcased movies from various genres, and outdoor screenings have been a favorite among the audience. The walk-in concept has worked best for us from an organizer’s perspective.

These events have helped us raise funds for children and youth sports. The emergence of new partnerships and the support from the City of Lahti have been significant for us. Monttu KINO has generated interest among volunteers, creating important community bonds for us.

We warmly recommend Elokuvalisenssi to anyone who wants to offer unforgettable movie experiences and support the local community.

Vesa Ruotonen / Monttu KINO