With a Combination License, you can easily screen our represented Finnish and international movies freely throughout the licensing period. The license is valid for 12 months from the date determined by the customer and automatically renews as an indefinite contract.

You can use Combination License for example organizing regular movies screenings in libraries and youth centers, enhancing education, and increasing comfort in schools and educational institutions. Movies also serve as conversation starters in the activities of various associations.

From our extensive selection, we offer alternatives for both the youngest and the oldest members of the family. There is no limit to the number of movies you can screen, and you do not need to separately report the screened movies. Our catalogue includes thousands of movies from the early 1900s to the present day, and all new releases are available for screening immediately after their Home Entertainment premiere.

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Kerava library - Testimonial

In our regular “Kirjastokino”-screenings, we have a mostly consistent audience, sometimes with new faces appearing. The audience consists mostly of middle-aged and older individuals. Feedback has been extremely positive, with praise for the movie selections and the fact that these screenings are organized. They are considered an important part of the library’s event offerings.

I believe that the interest in movies, their diverse viewing, and consequently borrowing movies has increased. Movies are an essential part of culture and contribute to understanding the surrounding world. The screenings are communal events where it’s easy to discuss the questions and emotions that movies evoke.

Through Elokuvalisenssi, we have access to a large number of movies, and especially the licenses for regular screenings are a convenient and easy way to acquire movies for library screenings.

-Päivi Rautavuori, Kerava Library

Image source: Kerava Library