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Elokuvalisenssi is part of M&M Viihdepalvelu

M&M Viihdepalvelu Oy is a family business that has been operating for more than 30 years. The company was founded through a share and business transaction with Fazer Musiikki Oy on 21 December 1990. As the only company specializing in the field, we have developed services related to film and music programs in collaboration with our clients and licensed their non-theatrical film rights in Finland, excluding cinemas.

Currently, our most important customers are schools, educational institutions, libraries and youth centres.

Our goal is to provide our domestic customers high-quality contents and tools with regard to film copyright issues. We are constantly producing and developing innovations that provide our customers’ operation tangible support and additional value in the form of customer loyalty, increased use of ancillary services and additional sales.

M&M Viihdepalvelu Oy

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