Enhancing film resources for educational use

This digital service is designed to support teachers, media educators and other users in efficiently obtaining the necessary licenses for film screenings while offering insights into films covered under the license agreement. Our service is tailored to simplify your daily tasks, saving you valuable time on lesson planning.

Through Elokuvalisenssi, you can acquire licenses for both regular and occasional film screenings, encompassing a curated collection of the finest Finnish and international films to enrich your educational programs.

Furthermore, we provide resources to facilitate discussions and activities around film experiences with children and young adults. For select films, you’ll also find educational materials

We extend our services to the needs of both public and private sector. If you work in youth club, library, restaurant don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We want finding the right movie and applying for public licenses to be as easy as possible for all our customers. We offer non-theatrical public screening licenses that grant you the right to publicly screen movies.

Movie presentations can be organized in the public sector, for example, in libraries, youth centers, churches, and parishes. Movies are perfect for darkening autumn evenings, restaurants, workplace well-being events, rooftop terraces, large terraces, or drive-in events, and there are plenty of other possibilities. Learn more about our Children’s Movie Points, which are especially popular with restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and spas

Our customer groups include:

  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Youth centers, churches, film clubs
  • Hotels and hostels, campgrounds, cottage villages
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs
  • Shopping centers, children’s play areas
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Elokuvalisenssi is a family-owned business that has been operating for over thirty years. As the only specialized company in the field in Finland, we offer non-theatrical screening rights to a wide range of films.

The purpose of copyright based on legislation is to protect creative industry professionals. To use Elokuvalisenssi’s online service fairly, we grant the necessary licenses for the public use of films.

Compare our license types and fill the application here.

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Browse the selection of movies here. You are able to search movies using various search criteria, using filters or free-text search. The selection is updated regularly.

Our catalogue includes both international and Finnish film distribution and production companies. In addition to the service’s movie selection, our Catalogue includes thousands of movies from the companies we represent.

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