Have you ever thought about how you could use movies in your activities? With the help of films, you enhance and illustrate teaching, open discussions in youth work and create events in libraries that inspire users.

The versatile search tools of Elokuvalisenssi online service help you choose suitable films and apply for public screening licenses. Also, the service has linked high-quality teaching and discussion materials for you to use. You will find movie recommendations for various needs in the selection. Whether you are a teacher, youth worker, librarian, or other person working with children and young people, by using the Elokuvalisenssi service you will save time spent on planning and getting support for discussion of movie experiences.

The learning materials are linked to the national curriculum and their contents are created by the film education association called Koulukino ry. Material is available from early education levels to high school and secondary education levels.

The use of the online service is free, and by acquiring a license for your organization, you ensure that the public showing of films takes place in the manner required by copyright law. 

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The goal of Elokuvalisenssi’s online service is to help the user choose films that suit their needs, apply for film licenses for public screenings, and easily get teaching and discussion materials. Another important aim is to increase awareness about film copyrights, especially about public screenings.

Did you know that a film is an artistic work protected by copyright law? According to § 2 of the law, rights holders have the exclusive right to determine the use of their works. You do not need a permit to show films at home or among a small circle of friends, but showing films in, for example, schools, youth centers, or libraries is public screening and needs a license. Permission for public screening is also required for presenting short samples to support teaching or for other illustrative purposes.

Please note that the citation right is intended only for situations where work is borrowed to create a new work.

Missing public performance permits? Get familiar with our licenses.

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Search for suitable films under our licenses as well as teaching and discussion materials using versatile search tools. The selection of Elokuvalisenssi’s online service consists of both new and old top film recommendations and guides to Koulukino’s materials on their site.

You will find materials for observing lessons and content for film experiences e.g. youth facilities and libraries.

You can use any source intended for private use (for example DVDs, Blu-rays, streaming services, and TV recordings) for showing movies. By ordering a license, you ensure that the rights holders receive compensation for performing their work. 

See all our licenses.

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A Star Is Born

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