By making an agreement with M&M Entertainment Services Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “M&M”) regarding the public display of movies for a year, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions:

1. M&M Entertainment Services Ltd. grants the customer the right to publicly display the movies covered by this agreement in spaces specified by the customer.

2. The term “Movie” refers to movies or television series produced or distributed by those film companies represented by M&M in Finland at the time of the performance. The list of represented film companies can be found on M&M’s website, and the representations and included movie titles can change constantly. M&M or the licensors of the license may not have rights to all individual movies or movies whose rights have expired during the contract year. Before displaying the movie, the customer should ensure that the movie in question is covered by the granted performance rights. M&M may also give notice during the contract year of movies that may no longer be publicly displayed under this license. The notices are binding on the customer and take effect immediately. Read our notices here.

3. The license is granted only to the customer whose primary commercial activity does not involve the presentation of movies. By accepting this agreement, the customer confirms and warrants compliance with this condition.

4. The customer is prohibited from using the movies in any way to advertise or market third-party products or services directly or indirectly. In particular, it is noted that under no circumstances are the movies allowed to be presented outside Finland under this annual license.

5. Movies cannot be shown outdoors or in any other way in which outsiders have the opportunity to view the movies. The movie may only be presented in spaces owned or controlled by the customer, which are defined in the license agreement.

6. The movies may only be presented from recordings obtained from a legal source. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the recording or source of the movie can be used for the presentation in accordance with this agreement. The customer must obtain the recordings themselves and is responsible for their acquisition costs. These costs are not related in any way to the compensation for public presentation referred to in this agreement.

7. The customer is not allowed to copy or distribute movie recordings to the public, rent or lend movies to the public, or in any way make movies available to the public other than for the purpose specified in this agreement. It is also prohibited to edit, cut, or otherwise modify the movies.

8. No admission fee or other fee related to the time and location of the movie presentation may be charged for single-license movie screenings.

9. The customer can advertise screenings in the space specified in the agreement, such as bulletin boards and info display. The name of the movie can also be mentioned in the following electronic channels – the customer’s own website, intranet, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and email newsletters. Paid advertising on social media is not allowed. The terms of the license agreement also do not allow the movie name to be mentioned in print advertising, such as posters or newspaper announcements. Movie events can be advertised in print advertising without referring to the movie to be presented. The screening license does not cover the use of movie marketing materials. Images and other marketing materials can be requested directly from distribution and production companies.

10. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate licenses from copyright organizations representing music creators have been obtained for the performance of music included in the movies. In the case of municipalities and cities, the performance of music has been agreed upon in agreements between the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and copyright organizations. Read more here.

11. The agreement is valid indefinitely and continues on an annual basis. The agreement can be terminated by either party by giving written notice to the other party thirty (30) days before the end of each contract period. If the customer terminates the agreement before the end of the contract period, M&M will not refund any compensation already paid. The annual license will continue until the end of the performance season.

12. The agreed compensation for the first year of the contract is defined in the license application and the compensation is paid against the invoice provided by M&M. The price of the license is based on the information provided by the customer to M&M. The customer must notify M&M annually or when requested by M&M of any information needed to determine compensation for future contract years. The compensation for the upcoming contract year will be due at the beginning of the contract year.

13. If the customer fails to pay the invoice provided by M&M and the invoice remains unpaid for 30 days after the due date indicated on the invoice, the granted right to display the movies will automatically expire for as long as the payment remains unpaid. In such a situation, the customer is still obliged to pay the invoice and is not entitled to compensation for the period during which the right to display was not valid due to the delay.

14. The customer is not allowed to transfer this license to a third party without the written consent of M&M, which, on the other hand, has this right.

15. M&M has the right to terminate this agreement immediately if the customer violates the terms of this agreement. If the agreement is terminated due to a breach of the terms of the agreement, no compensation already paid will be refunded. If M&M or the customer agree on a specific violation by the other party, it will not affect previous, ongoing, or future violations.

16. If the customer violates the terms of the agreement and M&M has to hire a lawyer, the customer agrees to pay M&M reasonable legal and other costs incurred.

17. By accepting the compensation mentioned in the license application, the customer guarantees that the information provided by him/her is correct and complete. This agreement is legal, valid, and binding on the customer. Its terms must be followed.

18. Rights not specifically granted to the customer in this agreement are expressly reserved for M&M and/or its movie rights holders.

19. The customer’s license application, terms and conditions, and license certificate contain the entire agreement between M&M and the customer.

20. Finnish law applies to disputes between M&M and the customer. Any disputes will be resolved primarily through negotiations and ultimately in the Helsinki District Court.

Vantaa, December 1st, 2019 / updated January 1st, 2023
Eero Tenhola