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According to the Finnish Copyright Act, public screening of the film requires permission. With the movie license annual permit, you can present the service's software from a source intended for private use of your choice.



2008 | 99 min | K-7 | adventure, animation, family

In an imagined, but not-so-unrealistic world of the future, a small robot, WALL-E, is left to clean up an Earth filled with garbage. He is completely alone except for a small pet cockroach. Surprisingly, one day another robot named EVE appears on Earth, and WALL-E falls in love with her. As the story unfolds, WALL-E drifts into an unprecedented destiny and ultimately fights against human extinction.

The film was awarded the Oscar for best-animated film and the BAFTA award in the same category.

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About the movie


  • climate change
  • courage
  • environmental education
  • fear
  • hero story
  • humoristic
  • imagination growth
  • succeeding
  • thought awakening

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools
  • middle schools
  • primary schools


  • adventure
  • animation
  • family


  • growth story
  • love story

Age limits

  • K-7


  • Bafta
  • Oscar


  • Walt Disney