Studio: Silva Mysterium

Diva of Finland elokuvan juliste

Diva of Finland


Diva of Finland tells the story of Henna, a Finn who has just graduated high school and hopes to get out of her small town as soon as possible and create a music career. Around the time of Henna’s birthday, the beautiful and talented Silja moves in next door, who makes Henna so blind with envy that she temporarily loses sight.

Kaiken se kestää elokuvan juliste

Star Boys (Kaiken se kestää)


Star Boys (Kaiken se kestää) tells the story of a family from Oulu in the 1970s, which has three generations. The events are described through the youngest of the family, two adolescent boys. They are at a stage where the boys are also looking for their own identity. Parents try to raise their children without the old ways of their parents, but as a result, the children’s development is at risk. The story nicely describes how parents are also vulnerable and individuals who make wrong decisions. The father of the family (Tapio) has a secret affair with the mother of a family acquaintance.