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Utilizing Movies in Youth Work

The enchanting world of movies provides a unique way to impact and inspire young people. Utilizing films in youth activities opens the door to a rich world of imagination and learning. In this article, we explore how movies can serve as a valuable resource in youth work and the opportunities they offer for the growth and community building of young individuals.

Before diving into the world of the silver screen, it is important to address a crucial aspect related to public movie screenings—copyrights.

Did you know that showing movies intended for private use in public gatherings requires permission? Copyright related to the public presentation of movies is a vital part of the film industry, protecting the rights of film owners and ensuring them the recognition and financial compensation they deserve.

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Movies shown in youth activities are also considered public screenings. To responsibly incorporate movies into your activities, you need an appropriate license. Keep reading the article, and we’ll guide you through the process!

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The Power of Movies in Youth Work

Movie nights are favorites among many young people, whether at home, in school, or youth activities. These movie nights inspire and provide a relaxed atmosphere for young individuals to enjoy with their peers. Often, the choice of movies can be influenced differently than in a school setting, for example.

Undoubtedly, movies are one of the best forms of entertainment in youth activities. Additionally, audiovisual media serves as an excellent means of conveying various messages and emotions. These messages and emotions also reflect in the lives of young people, motivating them to contemplate their values and choices.

Educational Benefits of Movies for Youth

The educational benefits of movies are diverse and can positively impact the mental development of young individuals. Through movies, young people can learn, understand, and grow in various aspects of life.

Movies pave the way for expressing and understanding emotions. They often address ethical dilemmas and moral questions that encourage young people to develop critical thinking skills and evaluate different perspectives. Moreover, movies act as windows to different cultures, broadening the worldview of young individuals and promoting cultural diversity.

Movies also encourage creativity and self-expression. Watching a film develops cognitive skills in young individuals, such as visual perception and understanding of the plot. These aspects can serve as a launching pad for various areas of life.

In summary, the versatile educational benefits of movies can positively influence the mental development of young individuals and provide an inspiring way to learn and understand life.

Movies Fostering Community

Movies can serve as conversation starters on various topics. Important and timely issues are widely covered in films, such as bullying, sexuality, diversity, minorities, and history. Young people can share their opinions, ask questions, and learn from each other through the thoughts provoked by movies.

Watching movies together creates an immediate shared experience that brings members of a group together.

After a movie, you can organize discussion sessions, game nights, or other group activities that deepen the sense of community. Regular movie nights can become anticipated events that strengthen the group’s identity and unity over the long term.

Herttoniemi Parish Youth Work Actively Uses Movies

Jouko Olkkola, a youth pastor with decades of experience in youth work, leads youth work at Herttoniemi Parish in Helsinki. The parish has a long tradition of organizing activities for both young children and those who have completed confirmation, including highly popular movie nights.

The Herttoniemi church premises, completed in 1958, have included a cinema with projectors from the beginning. Watching movies has been popular not only among those who have completed confirmation but also in other youth activities organized by the parish.

Our movie nights are an important social event for our youth, where they get to see their peers in a pleasant setting,” says Olkkola.

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Ideas for Introducing Movie Watching in Youth Work

Incorporating movies into youth activities can open doors to diverse and inspiring experiences. Here are some practical tips to make movies a central part of your youth group’s activities:

1. Movie Nights

Organize regular movie nights featuring a variety of films. Allow young people to vote on the content they would like to see next, enhancing the sense of involvement.

2. Themed Weeks

Plan themed weeks focusing on a specific movie theme or genre. Themes can be aligned with the calendar year, such as Halloween or Christmas themes. Genre-related themes could include action, history, art, or comedy weeks.

3. Combining Movies and Art

Combine movies and art by creating art workshops where young people can express themselves inspired by films. This could involve drawing, painting, or even creating short films based on their own stories.

4. Movie Festivals

Host movie festivals where young people can showcase their favorite films. This not only provides an opportunity to see a diverse range of films but also encourages active participation in organizing the event.

5. Movies as Discussion Tools

Discussion sessions are an excellent way to deepen young people’s understanding of movie themes. Organize post-movie discussions where young individuals can express their thoughts, share perspectives, and learn from each other’s viewpoints.

Pedagogical discussion and learning materials linked to movie profiles can be valuable resources in this context.

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Elokuvalisenssi Aids Responsible Usage in Youth Work

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