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Bordertown: The Mural Murders

At the Pasila train station, a mural painted in blood depicting Finland’s most notorious serial killer, Lasse Maasalo, is discovered on a concrete wall. The mural’s phrase “Let’s make the world a better place” connects to a social media poll about individuals whose absence would improve the world. Soon, the first body is found, and Detective Kari Sorjonen must uncover the person who has named themselves “The Judge.”



Thirty-something Elli lives in an idyllic and secluded archipelago with her husband Mikko as the pandemic spreads worldwide. Elli’s life is shaken when her teenage love, Olavi, Mikko’s old college friend, arrives for a visit from France.



Activists have fought for decades for animal rights. Will they succeed in winning the battle against the meat industry, or is the food industry unstoppable? The movie portrays the structural essence of animal production and the systematic power play through three central characters. They engage in a David-versus-Goliath battle against what seems like an unbeatable industry and are willing to achieve their goals at any cost. The brutal undercover footage captured by activists has caused several international scandals, but will they ultimately succeed in changing anything?


The Unknown Soldier

Finnish garrison gets an order and their machine gun company is transported to the eastern border – soon, war becomes a reality again.

Directed by Aku Louhimies, The Unknown Soldier is the third film adaptation based on Väinö Linna’s classic novel. It describes the journey of a Finnish infantry unit in the Continuation War, that lasted three years. The film tells the story of Rokka, Kariluoto, Koskela, Hietanen, and their comrades – how fellowship, humor, and the will to survive unite men on their journey there and back. The war revolutionized the lives of both individual soldiers and those left behind on the home front, leaving its mark on the entire nation.

The film received significant recognition, winning four Jussi Gala trophies: Best Sound Design, Best Leading Actor, Best Editing, and Best Makeup Design.

Järjettömän paska idea elokuvan juliste.


Järjettömän paska idea

This Finnish drama film is written and directed by Pamela Tola. The story revolves around Ripe and Noora, who work as game designers and have been friends since childhood. However, their strong friendship is put to the test when their future plans begin to diverge. One of them wants to revisit a nostalgic youth, while the other desires to get married. As old conflicts and disagreements resurface during their role-playing game bachelorette party, the question of whose dreams they are truly living comes to the forefront.

Hyväveli elokuvan juliste



The law enforcement officer Loyan, played by Abdirahman Bile, tries to adapt to the new police department while keeping his recently released friend Warsame (Kamaludin Ahmed Abdulla) on the right track. Loyan has an ambitious goal to get into detective training, but his superior Jokisalo (Sampo Sarkola) thinks that he is better off patrolling familiar neighborhoods with his partner Johanna (Heli Sutela).

Patrol duties turn into real action when they begin to investigate a case that appears to be a suicide. Professional criminal and racist Antero Päiviö (Riku Kemppinen), who is involved in the drug trade, jumps from his balcony. A man who was initially declared dead suddenly comes back to life and is taken to the hospital. Loyan finds it hard to believe the man’s story and decides to find out the truth at any cost. As events begin to unravel, it’s hard to know who to trust anymore, especially when Warsame seems to be scheming behind Loyan’s back.

Kupla elokuvan juliste



Eveliina, 16 years old, happens to see her mother kissing another woman. She is afraid of his parents’ separation and decides to intervene in the situation without permission and without fearing the limits of means. She believes that the best way to destroy mom’s extramarital affair and bring the parents back together is to be the teenage daughter who causes trouble.

So Eveliina throws herself into multi-problems. In this process, a few other lives also become stakes. Despite that, Eveliina keeps her plans a secret until the very end, and even adults have secret means of survival – until the bubble bursts.

Among the film’s actors, Stella Leppikorpi won the Jussi Award for Best New Actress.

Karaokeparatiisi elokuvan julistekuva



Karaokeparatiisi, awarded as the best documentary film of the year, is about Finnish karaoke culture. The film interviews five different people and describes how they live with karaoke.

Sieniretki elokuvan juliste



Sieniretki tells the story of PJ, a screenwriter facing challenges in his career, and his best friend Jam, who is a car dealer. Both are tired of their everyday life and together they decide to rent a cabin in the Finnish archipelago. They have a bag of mushrooms with them so that they would certainly experience new interesting experiences.

However, the weekend-long vacation gets out of hand when they experience all kinds of challenges on their trip.

Pelle Hermanni elokuvan juliste


Pelle Hermanni

Once written by Simo Ojanen, the hearty character Pelle Hermanni had adventures in TV channel show called “Ylen Pikku Kakkonen” from 1978-1988. The big favorite character of several generations now enters the 2020s with the movie in his big clown shoes, ready to conquer new arenas.

Pelle Hermanni goes in search of his father, whom he hasn’t seen since he left to measure the Earth with his feet. Magician Max’s son, ten-year-old Roni, sneaks behind. Here begins an exhilarating adventure full of magic, crazy twists, and colorful circus life, a film for children of the new generation and adults hungry for nostalgia.

The film is a fast-paced and good-natured story suitable for all ages, with the theme of caring for others and friendship. (Source: Aurora Studios)