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License required for the public film screening

According to the Finnish Copyright Act, public screening of the film requires permission. With the movie license annual permit, you can present the service's software from a source intended for private use of your choice.


2022 | 82 min | K-12 | documentary

Activists have fought for decades for animal rights. Will they succeed in winning the battle against the meat industry, or is the food industry unstoppable? The movie portrays the structural essence of animal production and the systematic power play through three central characters. They engage in a David-versus-Goliath battle against what seems like an unbeatable industry and are willing to achieve their goals at any cost. The brutal undercover footage captured by activists has caused several international scandals, but will they ultimately succeed in changing anything?

About the movie


  • biology
  • philosophy
  • social studies


  • courage
  • domestic
  • Ethics
  • informational
  • thought awakening

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools
  • middle schools


  • documentary

Age limits

  • K-12


  • Aurora Studios