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“Courageous” is a Christian drama film released in 2011, directed and produced by Alex Kendrick. The film follows four policemen who attempt to find a balance between their family lives and careers while facing various challenges and difficulties. It emphasizes the role of fathers in families and their responsibility in raising children. Additionally, it highlights the significance and impact of faith in life.

The film has received mostly positive feedback for its messages regarding family values, fatherhood, and faith. It provides viewers with the opportunity to contemplate and discuss these themes.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from Brooklyn teams up with Gwen Stacy to traverse through the multiverse, where he encounters Spider-People who protect their existence. But as the heroes argue over how to handle this new threat, Miles finds himself facing other Spider-People, forcing him to redefine what it means to be a hero so he can save the people he loves most.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken


Sweet, clumsy 16-year-old Ruby Gillman desperately tries to fit into life at Oceanside High, but most of the time, she feels invisible. She tutors her skateboarding crush in math, who seems to only admire Ruby as a friend, and Ruby can’t hang out at the beach with the popular kids because her overprotective supermom has forbidden Ruby from going into the water. But when Ruby breaks her mom’s most important rule, she discovers that she is the descendant of the kraken warrior queens, inheriting the crown from her domineering grandmother, the Warrior Queen of the Seven Seas.

Nightmare 2 – Painajainen jatkuu


A comedic youth thriller set throughout one weekend, where the summer nights are velvety and the sea surrounding the vacation island is beautiful yet dangerous… Jiri has set up a summer bar on the maritime vacation island. He invites a familiar group of friends to spend the weekend together. The island is lovely, but sorrowful memories come to Peppi’s mind when it turns out that Aino Kaukovaara, the younger sister of Sampo who fell from the ship, is working at the local cottage village for the summer. Strange things begin to happen on the island, and Peppi realizes that the nightmare that started on the ship continues. When one of the resort’s employees is found dead, it becomes clear that the avenger is now even more bloodthirsty. Peppi’s worst fears come true, and everyone must struggle for their lives. Will evil prevail, or will the nightmare finally end…

Nightmare – Painajainen merellä


Peppi embarks on a long-awaited cruise with her friends. In the cheerful atmosphere of the beginning of the voyage, Peppi encounters old acquaintances, which also bring unpleasant memories from the past. The merry atmosphere soon turns into a mixture of fear and uncertainty as strange occurrences begin to unfold on the ship, and members of the party go missing. The film features actors who are currently or have been part of the Salatut Elämät TV series.

The movie was awarded the Audience Favorite Certificate at the Jussi Awards Gala.

Urpo & Turpo – Johtolangan jäljillä


Two curious toy bears, named Urpo and Turpo, reside on the bookshelf in the children’s room and greatly enjoy reading. They blend everyday life and fairy tales, creating amusing adventures. For instance, they find themselves on a deserted island and are saved by a breadfruit tree, bravely improve others’ appearances, search for clues, break rules, long for silence, and compete to be the best and strongest in the world.

Similarly to the toys in Toy Story, Urpo and Turpo come to life when the family isn’t watching. The Urpo & Turpo movie provides entertainment for both adults and the youngest members of the family. The film is easy to follow as it features good Finnish. It is based on Hannele Huovi’s popular storybooks and is now even more vibrant and lively on the big screen as it has been restored.

The Breakfast Club


Shermer High School, Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Five students have been sentenced to detention, under the supervision of Principal Vernon, for the entire long day. Claire Standish, Andrew Clark, John Bender, Brian Johnson, and Allison Reynolds are completely different young individuals who have had no interaction with each other, but the long day changes everything, turning them into best friends.



The year is 1933. In the aftermath of the First World War, wounded war veteran friends, Dr. Burt Berendsen, who employs unconventional methods, and attorney Harold Woodsman find themselves accused of murder when their shared clients, a United States senator and his daughter, die. The duo must uncover the true culprit behind the deaths and clear their names. “Amsterdam” is loosely based on real events surrounding the Business Plot conspiracy, where an attempt was made to overthrow U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and replace him with a dictator.

Greatest Days


An uplifting story follows a group of five girls from their teenage years into adulthood. The highlight of their youth in the 1990s is a concert by the boy band they admire, and 25 years later, the friends get another opportunity to go see their favorite band. Over the years, their lives have changed in various ways, but an epic concert and the band that once bound them together help them realize that perhaps the finest moments of their friendship are yet to come.

The film is a timeless tale of the power of friendship and is based on the Take That hit musical “The Band,” featuring all the band’s greatest hits. Members of the legendary boy band, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald, have been involved in the making of the movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem


For years, the turtle brothers have lived sheltered from the human world, but now they have decided to conquer the hearts of New Yorkers through their heroic deeds and be accepted as ordinary teenagers. With the help of their new friend April O’Neil, they fight against a mysterious criminal organization, but soon they face the ultimate challenge when a mutant army is unleashed upon them.