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Barbie elokuvan juliste.



Barbie is separated from Barbieland because she began to exhibit human-like symptoms. The journey to uncover everything that has happened begins, with consequences that Barbie would have never believed could occur.

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Disney and Pixar’s new animated film, Elemental, tells the story of Element City, where different elements such as fire, water, earth, and air take on human-like forms and coexist. The main character is Ember, a brave and intelligent young woman who befriends Wade, a water spirit who is fun-loving and a bit goofy. Ember and Wade’s friendship changes Vellu’s perception of the world.

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The movie is based on Felix Salten’s novel of the same name, “Bambi: A Life in the Woods.” It tells the coming-of-age story and adventures of a young white-tailed deer named Bambi in the forest.

The film begins with Bambi’s birth. He meets other forest animals, such as a skunk, a rabbit, and a wise owl. Bambi learns about the challenges and dangers of life in the forest, e.g. hunting.

The movie follows Bambi’s growth into adulthood and the challenges he faces. Bambi also falls in love with another young deer, and their friendship and life together become a central part of the story.

However, life in the forest is not always easy. A tragic event deeply affects Bambi, and he must learn to cope with loss and difficulties. Nevertheless, Bambi finds strength and courage as he takes on the role of the forest’s king.

Bambi is a touching film that explores the beauty of nature and its cycles, friendship, and the diversity of life. It is one of Disney’s most iconic and beloved classics, leaving a lasting impact on the world of animation and touching generations around the globe.

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Peter Pan


Peter Pan is an animated film produced by Walt Disney, based on J.M. Barrie’s play and story of the same name. It tells the story of Peter Pan, who is stuck in eternal youth and lives in a fantasy world called Neverland, where he enjoys adventures with his friends, such as the Darling children and Tinker Bell. Peter Pan can fly, and one night, he takes three children to Neverland to help them escape the burden of growing up.

On their journey, they encounter Captain Hook, the leader of the pirates, who seeks revenge against Peter Pan. The children also meet the Lost Boys, Native Americans, and the fierce Tiger Lily, who protects the inhabitants of Neverland. Throughout the film, the children and Peter Pan experience many exciting adventures. The movie addresses childhood, adulthood, friendship, love, and dreams. It emphasizes the importance of imagination and playfulness in life, as well as the significance of growing up.

Peter Pan is a classic adventure film that has enchanted generations with its unforgettable characters and story.

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The Croods: A New Age


The Croods, the world’s first family, have survived numerous dangers and disasters throughout their history, such as prehistoric beasts. However, now they encounter something that will change their lives – another family.

The Croods need a new home, so the family sets out to find a safe place to live. After finding a sheltered paradise full of natural resources, they think their problems are solved. However, there is one but – another family already lives in the place, called Bettermans.

The Bettermans are slightly ahead of the Croods in evolution. They have a spectacular tree house, wonderful inventions, and abundant farms full of food. The families quickly become strained when they take the Croods to live with them.

When everything seems to be going wrong, a new threat throws both families out of their new homes and into an adventure. They have to accept each other’s differences, support each other and build a common future. (Source: Finnkino)

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Where the Crawdads Sing


Kya Clark is an abandoned girl who grew up independently in the unsafe swamps of North Carolina in the 1950s. Because she grew up in dangerous and challenging circumstances, she learned to take care of herself.

Kya gets to know two of the village’s golden boys, and when one of them is found dead, Kya becomes a suspect because she had the most contact with the deceased. It doesn’t help that Kya has gained a reputation as a hermit in town. As the investigation progresses, the secrets of the swamp are in danger of being revealed.

The film is based on Delia Owens’ debut novel “Where the Crawdads Sing”, which has sold millions around the world.

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A Man Called Otto


A Man Called Otto is based on the New York Times bestseller “A Man Called Ove”, in which the widowed Otto is grumpy and methodical. One day, a very sunny family moves in next door, and conflicts are ready to be born. However, to everyone’s surprise, a friendship develops between the wife of the family and Otto, which revolutionizes Otto’s long-term outlook on life.

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Ron’s Gone Wrong


20thCentury Studios and Locksmith Animation’s “Ron’s Gone Wrong” tells the story of Barney, a socially awkward schoolboy, and Ron, his walking, talking robot who should be “Your best friend right out of the box.”

Ron’s hilarious journey in the middle of the age of social media takes the duo on a step-by-step journey where the boy and the robot understand the meaning of true friendship in all its chaos and messiness. (Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland)

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The year is 1890. Iris is eight years old and lives with her visual artist mother Ester in Stockholm. Iris’s father is dead. Iris has been waiting for a long time to be able to go to Paris with her mother, to the opening of this exhibition, but to her disappointment, she has to stay home. And when the babysitting plans don’t work out as expected, let’s rush Iris to Åland, a place Iris doesn’t know anything about, but where she finds out her roots and where she grows up to be a child she’s never had.

Iris, who has lived as an only child in the Stockholm milieu and has been in contact with artists’ circles, thus ends up in the Grand Duchy of Finland’s archipelago, where life is poor and uncomplicated. The clash of cultures is great and for the first time in her life, Iris has to create relationships with other children. Iris struggles to find her place in this new environment. (Source: Future Film)



In an imagined, but not-so-unrealistic world of the future, a small robot, WALL-E, is left to clean up an Earth filled with garbage. He is completely alone except for a small pet cockroach. Surprisingly, one day another robot named EVE appears on Earth, and WALL-E falls in love with her. As the story unfolds, WALL-E drifts into an unprecedented destiny and ultimately fights against human extinction.

The film was awarded the Oscar for best-animated film and the BAFTA award in the same category.