Elemental elokuvan juliste.

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2023 | 101 min | S | adventure, animation, comedy

Disney and Pixar’s new animated film, Elemental, tells the story of Element City, where different elements such as fire, water, earth, and air take on human-like forms and coexist. The main character is Ember, a brave and intelligent young woman who befriends Wade, a water spirit who is fun-loving and a bit goofy. Ember and Wade’s friendship changes Vellu’s perception of the world.

Themes and objectives of the Movie:

Themes of the movie include friendship, love, courage, trust, cooperation, encouragement, diversity, and identity.

Relevance to school subjects:

The Elemental is an excellent addition to emotional intelligence training. It also naturally facilitate discussions about different cultures, families, and habits.

After watching the movie, you can engage in a discussion with the following questions:

  • How does the movie describe the nature and powers of the different elements? What strengths do they have?
  • Consider which element is closest to each person’s own character? What strengths do the students have? Where does each person excel in their own opinion, and in their friend’s opinion?
  • What were the relationships like between the different elements? Why didn’t everyone get along with each other?
  • What methods did the characters in the movie invent to solve difficult situations? How did they express their difficult emotions?
  • How did Ember’s and Wade’s friendship develop during the movie?

After watching the movie, you can also do the following activities:

  • Write your own story about what happens after the movie. How do Ember and Wade continue with their lives?
  • Examine in more detail what the different elements – water, fire, earth, and air – ultimately are, what characteristics and reactions they have.
  • Plan your own elemental characters with unique personalities. You can combine several elements or create an entirely new one. Draw a picture where you introduce the character’s traits and other desired qualities (family, hobbies, etc.).
  • Create a comic where your elemental character goes on adventures. You can find information on making comics online, such as on the Comics Center’s website.


The Elemental movie is suitable for elementary school students as it is entertaining, exciting, and versatile without being too scary for younger viewers. The movie deepens understanding of the elements and their significance, as well as helps students explore different cultures and societies. The movie also enhances students’ language skills, cultural knowledge, ethical competence, empathy, communication, and expressive skills, as well as self-care and everyday life skills.

Educational Material Author: Mette Lagerstam / IhmeFilmi ry

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  • adventure
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