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Elleville Elfrid

2019 | 81 min | S | adventure, animation

Ella Bella Bingo is a fast-paced, warm and funny film for the whole family with an important message. The children in the film have to think about friend envy, competition in friendships and what a good friend is like. In the movie, we learn, for example, about sharing a friend, negotiation and talking about feelings and thoughts. It is easy for a small viewer to grasp the film’s optimism and clear emotional expression. Directed by Atle Solberg Blakseth and Frank Mosvol.

After watching the movie, you can have a discussion about the following questions:

  • What does a best friend mean? Can a person have multiple best friends? Why did Ella get upset when Joni appeared? How did Ella behave in that situation? Do you understand Ella’s reactions? Reflect on how you behave when you get upset. Joni had many items that Henri admired.
  • Discuss and list together the items that are currently desirable. Also, consider how necessary these items really are. Ella and her friends planned a circus performance in the movie.
  • Draw a poster for Ella and her friends’ circus show. In the movie, both Ella and Henri experienced moments of feeling upset. What experiences of feeling upset have you had? Create a list together of things and actions that can help during moments of feeling upset.

After watching the movie, you can also do the following activities:

  1. In the movie, Ella performed magic tricks. In movies, magic tricks are called “tricks.” You can practice movie-related magic tricks, also known as tricks. You can find instructions for various tricks on the School Movie Week website: Link to the Trick Workshop (link checked on January 7, 2024). Ella Bella Bingo, the movie, featured several fun animals. What was your favorite animal in the movie? Perform pantomime representations of the animals to each other in the classroom, and try to recognize which animal is being portrayed each time.


The slow pace of the movie ensures that even younger viewers can follow along, and the film is most suitable for students in grades 1 to 3.

The Norwegian animation Ella Bella Bingo is based on characters that originally appeared in a television series. While many children’s animated films whisk their viewers away to fast-paced adventures in different worlds, it is refreshing to watch a story that focuses on everyday life. Especially when the film, despite its lightness, addresses a significant theme: friendship. The fundamental question of the movie is whether friendship can be shared. Although the topic may hit close to home for the viewer, the overall atmosphere of the film is light-hearted. The humorous animal characters, such as the farting dog and the goofy chickens, are sure to make the younger audience laugh. The positive resolution at the end beautifully emphasizes that in life, we often face various situations, but by working together, we can overcome them.

Material created by: Elina Vitkala / Mediametka

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  • arts
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  • educational materials
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  • friendship skills
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