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Inside Out

2015 | 94 min | K-7 | animation, comedy

The story tells about the five basic emotions that live inside the head of a young girl: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. The move from the old hometown to San Francisco starts a whirlwind of emotions, which causes Joy and Sadness to get out of the cockpit and into the emotional storage room. The long return journey towards the emotional center begins, but time is running out when the cockpit begins to lose its grip on the girl’s emotional states. Directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen. In voice roles, e.g. Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Lewis Black.

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About the movie


  • finnish
  • health education
  • psychology


  • change
  • communication skills
  • emotional skills
  • family
  • growth story
  • learning materials
  • stressi
  • well-being and everyday life skills

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools
  • middle schools
  • primary schools


  • animation
  • comedy

Age limits

  • K-7


  • Oscar


  • Walt Disney

For media educator

Have you ever looked at another person and wondered what is really going on in their mind? Disney-Pixar's new animated film "Inside Out" finds out about it. Themes of the learning material: regulation of emotions, emotional skills, everyday skills, interaction and communication and learning skills. The tasks in the material are writing and reflection tasks as well as functional tasks. The study material has its task sections for grades 3rd to 6th and high schools and secondary educational institutions. Movie won "Best Animated Feature Film of the Year" Oscar.

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