Kuva Takaisin pintaan dokumentista.

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Diving Into the Unknown (Takaisin pintaan)

2016 | 90 min | S | documentary

A documentary film about a life-threatening operation and unconditional friendship, where a friend is not left behind, even at the risk of his own life. (Source: Koulukino)

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About the movie


  • finnish
  • health education
  • history
  • psychology


  • domestic
  • fear
  • friendship
  • learning materials
  • relationships

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools
  • middle schools


  • documentary


  • based on true events

Age limits

  • S


  • Kameron

For media educator

Diving Into the Unknown (Takaisin pintaan) tells the story of four Finnish divers and their friends who, defying the authorities, fetch their deceased friends home from an underwater cave. A cave diving group faces its worst nightmare when two members of the group perish deep in a cave in Norway. The divers who survived the accident decide to put together their rescue team and get their lost friends out of the cave after the internationally coordinated lifting operation is found too dangerous.

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