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Elokuvalisenssi and movies in Youth Work


Utilizing Movies in Youth Work

The enchanting world of movies provides a unique way to impact and inspire young people. Utilizing films in youth activities opens the door to a rich world of imagination and learning. In this article, we explore how movies can serve as a valuable resource in youth work and the opportunities they offer for the growth […]

FAQ's about presenting movies in school


Frequently Asked Questions about Presenting Movies in School

Movies are familiar to young people, and their role in education is significant. In 2009, Koulukino ry surveyed film education among teachers, with 385 teachers nationwide participating. A considerable percentage of the responding teachers (73%) reported using movies in their teaching. The primary motivation for this was their desire to use movies as teaching material […]

Movie moment brings library visitors together.


Movie Moment Brings Library Visitors Together

Libraries provide a public space that serves as a meeting point for people of different ages and life situations, alongside the reading experiences they offer. In addition to borrowing and reading books, the library is an important social meeting place for many. Did you know that movie events held in libraries are an effective way […]

Film Copyright in education


Film Copyright in Education

Culture enriches the schoolwork of children and young people Works such as movies, music, and books can be utilized in daily teaching both as learning materials and as a counterbalance to everyday tasks. These works broaden students’ worldviews and help them relate to situations presented to them. The visual presentation can enhance understanding alongside written […]

Elokuvalisenssi article picture Promotion of Screenings


Promotion of Screenings with Elokuvalisenssi

Yhdistelmä (Combined), Vuosi (Annual), or Kertalupa (Single License) does not cover the rights to use the images or trailers of the movies, but you can inquire about these directly from the distribution and production companies for your advertising needs. Mentioning the name of the movie and using YouTube links is permitted under certain conditions under […]