Annual License - For international studios

VUOSILUPA (Annual Licence)

By acquiring Vuosilupa you have non-theatrical movie presentation rights for an international studio selection of movies. Vuosilupa is great for using movies for educational and entertainment purposes.

Expand your selection into domestic movies as well by applying new Yhdistelmälupa!


-Valid for 12 months from the starting date of your choice
-Over 10 000 movie-selection from international studios in Vuosilupa
-Free use on services
-No movie reporting obligations or limits concerning viewer amounts
-Promise of forecasting on any movie source meant for private use such as DVD, BluRay, streaming services, and TV records
-Movies free to use after announced release dates for rental and sales copies on the consumer market


-Schools and learning institutions 3,50€/student/year
-Clubs and unions 460,00€/year
-Libraries 460,00€/year
-Churches and congregations 460,00€/year
-Youth centers 460,00€/year
-Daycare centers 230,00€/year
-Auditoriums 690,00€/year

If there is no suitable pricing place for you above, please contact us, and together we will discuss would there be a solution. VAT 24% will be added to prices.

Read our contract terms.

Vuosilupa application