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Oppipoika elokuvan juliste


Oppipoika (Lärjungen)

The year is 1939. A 13-year-old boy named Karl arrives on the island of Lånskär in Åland. There, the boy is supposed to learn the job of a lighthouse keeper by being the apprentice of the lighthouse master Hasselbond, which is not an easy task. An exciting thriller full of choices begins.

The film won the Jussi award for best costume design.

School cinema learning material is also available in Swedish. The learning material deals with Finnish-Swedish cinema, children’s rights, psychological thrillers, the psychology of evil, motivation, and emotions.

Iris elokuvan juliste



The year is 1890. Iris is eight years old and lives with her visual artist mother Ester in Stockholm. Iris’s father is dead. Iris has been waiting for a long time to be able to go to Paris with her mother, to the opening of this exhibition, but to her disappointment, she has to stay home. And when the babysitting plans don’t work out as expected, let’s rush Iris to Åland, a place Iris doesn’t know anything about, but where she finds out her roots and where she grows up to be a child she’s never had.

Iris, who has lived as an only child in the Stockholm milieu and has been in contact with artists’ circles, thus ends up in the Grand Duchy of Finland’s archipelago, where life is poor and uncomplicated. The clash of cultures is great and for the first time in her life, Iris has to create relationships with other children. Iris struggles to find her place in this new environment. (Source: Future Film)