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Veljeni vartija

Veljeni vartija tells the story of Jare and Jere Tiihonen, twin boys from a broken family where violence is a learned norm from their father. Known as tough guys in their youth in Lahti, the brothers take different paths. Jare seeks street credibility and succeeds in the Finnish rap scene, creating an alter ego – Cheek. Jere ends up behind bars for assault and promises to end the cycle of violence. Jere settles down and starts a family. As Cheek’s popularity grows, Jare experiences a tearing conflict: should he remain the streetwise and selfish artist Cheek, or become the caring boyfriend spending safe, normal life with his beloved Noora. Jare’s inner turmoil eventually finds an explanation – bipolar disorder – and the solution lies in psychiatric medication. What does it take to break all expectations or curses and take control of one’s life?

JP Siili

Antti Holma
Armi Toivanen
Saga Sarkola
Alina Tomnikov

The film won the Audience Choice Jussi Award.


The Unknown Soldier (1985)

During the interim peace, a medical examination is carried out in the machine gun company of the Eastern Finnish wilderness garrison, and training is conducted for future battles. In June, the departure order arrives towards the unknown, and the company is transported to the eastern border. Officers listen solemnly to the Minister’s speech on the radio about the final victory, and in captured Petrozavodsk, Finnish victory celebrations have already begun. In the summer of 1944, the Soviet Union launches a major offensive, and the Finnish forces begin to retreat. Author Väinö Linna fully supported Rauni Mollberg’s film project and was initially involved in its scriptwriting. Although Edwin Laine’s direction held its ground, new perspectives were sought for the remake of ‘The Unknown Soldier.’ The actors are younger because the main idea is the path of a young person into war and its absurdity. At the same time, it is a tribute to those who have gone through it all.

The film was directed by Rauni Mollberg based on Väinö Linna’s novel ‘The Unknown Soldier.’

Risto Tuorila
Pirkka-Pekka Petelius
Paavo Liski
Mika Mäkelä

Jussi Awards:
Best Actor – Paavo Liski
Best Actor – Risto Tuorila
Best Direction – Rauni Mollberg

Heinähattu Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset elokuvan juliste.


Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset

Hanna has planned a week’s vacation for her family in Kattilankoski, where they will spend time in a holiday cabin. The family gets lost in the wrong cabin, which is a holiday cabin served by the police officers. Two constables come to the cottage at the same time as the family, which causes misunderstandings. This creates the ingredients for a hilarious adventure comedy!

Themes of the educational material for school cinema: text skills, vocabulary, basic film concepts, main characters, plot, milieu, genre, humor, farce, and comedy.

Teit meistä kauniin elokuvan juliste


Teit meistä kauniin (Born in Heinola)

The story of four young people who try to survive with the help of music in a forest industry town struggling in the 90s depression. (Source: Koulukino)