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Thirty-something Elli lives in an idyllic and secluded archipelago with her husband Mikko as the pandemic spreads worldwide. Elli’s life is shaken when her teenage love, Olavi, Mikko’s old college friend, arrives for a visit from France.

Vuonna 85


The story of Lokomo’s workers, a colorful group of friends, whose dreams and insatiable thirst for life take them through a lively decade. A tale of a dream pulsating to the beat of Eppu Normaali, Juice, and Popeda.

Blinded By The Light


The movie is based on true events and follows a young British-Pakistani boy named Javed living in the town of Luton in the late 1980s. Javed is passionate about music, but his parents don’t understand his dreams. The town is plagued by unemployment and racism, complicating Javed’s life even more.

However, everything changes when Javed discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen’s lyrics deeply resonate with him and inspire him to pursue his dreams. Javed’s passion for music gets a new boost through Springsteen’s music, and he starts writing his poems and lyrics.

The movie depicts Javed’s journey towards independence, self-discovery, and the pursuit of his dreams through the power of music. It also shows how music can be a strong resource in times of difficulty, helping to find strength and inspiration in life.

Kupla elokuvan juliste



Eveliina, 16 years old, happens to see her mother kissing another woman. She is afraid of his parents’ separation and decides to intervene in the situation without permission and without fearing the limits of means. She believes that the best way to destroy mom’s extramarital affair and bring the parents back together is to be the teenage daughter who causes trouble.

So Eveliina throws herself into multi-problems. In this process, a few other lives also become stakes. Despite that, Eveliina keeps her plans a secret until the very end, and even adults have secret means of survival – until the bubble bursts.

Among the film’s actors, Stella Leppikorpi won the Jussi Award for Best New Actress.

Kaikella rakkaudella elokuvan juliste

Things We Do for Love (Kaikella rakkaudella)


The film tells about the different forms of love and what a person is willing to do for it. The story takes place in the landscapes of Finnish Lapland, Norwegian Lapland, and the Arctic Ocean. Is love something you consider first, or coincidence?

Toivo Vaarala is a photographer who meets Ansa on a photography trip and they fall in love. Ansa’s dangerous, threatening, and ex-husband Ismo, who has a history of murder, enters the picture, but for some reason he becomes friends with Toivo. Ansa and Ismo have two children together. The film also describes their challenging family relationships with their parents.

Teräsleidit elokuvan juliste

Ladies of Steel (Teräsleidit)


75-year-old Inkeri is facing a life sentence, because she hit her husband Tapio on the head with a frying pan. However, Inkeri still wants to live fully and freely for a while, while there is still a chance. She sets off with her two older sisters towards the landscapes of her youth and along the way happens all kinds of things – they pick up two hitchhikers, the car breaks down and dancing in a nightclub turns sinful.

However, it is not just an escape trip before imprisonment, because at the same time Inkeri examines her past, her future, as well as her family and partner relationships. She may even find a love that was once extinguished.

Saara Pakkasvirta was awarded the Jussi award for best supporting actress.