Now Screening Rights for Finnish Movies!

Elokuvalisenssi has entered into a cooperation agreement with Audiovisual Producers Finland (APFI), which represents Finnish AV production companies. The agreement involved the transfer of the licensing rights for Finnish films from APFI to Elokuvalisenssi. With the cooperation, the Elokuvalisenssi’s repertoire grew with hundreds of Finnish films and documentaries. An up-to-date collection of Finnish films can be found in the Elokuvalisenssi’s Online Service.

The cooperation agreement entered into force on January 1, 2023. The international and Finnish public screening licenses needed for use by schools and educational institutions and non-commercial public performances can be both ordered now from Elokuvalisenssi.

The old Vuosilupa license (Annual License) agreements for Finnish and international films will expire on December 31, 2023.

From January 1, 2024, only new Yhdistelmälupa licenses (Combination License) are available, including annual screening rights for Finnish and international films. Kertalupa licenses (Single Licenses) for single screenings are also available for Finnish films.

Pricing for Yhdistelmälupa

  • Auditoriums and multipurpose buildings €795.00/year
  • Clubs and associations €535.00/year
  • Libraries €535.00/year
  • Churches and congregations €535.00/year
  • Schools and educational institutions €4.25/pupil/year
  • Youth centers and houses €535.00/year

Pricing for Kertalupa

  • Schools and boarding schools €185.00/film/performance
  • Youth facilities, Clubs and associations €185.00/film/performance
  • Libraries €185.00/film/performance
  • Churches and parish facilities €185.00/film/performance
  • Daycare centers and kindergartens €185.00/film/performance
  • Auditoriums, fairs and large halls €285.00/film/performance

VAT 24% will be added to the prices.