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2011 | 130 min | K-7 | adventure, drama, fantasy

Hugo is a magical story about an orphan boy who lives his own little mysterious life in a Paris train station. He has a slightly peculiar girl to help him and together they search for the answer to a mysterious problem involving his recently deceased father, the evil toy shop owner who lives downstairs and a heart-shaped lock with a missing key. Directed by Martin Scorsese. In roles e.g. Asa Butterfield, Chloë Grace Moretz and Christopher Lee.

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About the movie


  • history


  • courage
  • friendship
  • history of movie
  • learning materials
  • milieu and zeitgeist
  • social class differences

Educational levels

  • middle schools
  • primary schools


  • adventure
  • drama
  • fantasy


  • based on a book

Age limits

  • K-7


  • Oscar


  • Paramount Pictures

For media educator

The adventure film Hugo has won five Oscars, e.g. from the audio and visual categories. The mysterious plot takes you along and the film is based on Brian Selznick's novel Hugo Cabret. (Source: Koulukino)

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