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Oppenheimer is set during World War II, portraying the theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy) as he is tasked with creating a new super weapon, the atomic bomb, for the United States—a weapon that could potentially end the war with a single explosion. The Manhattan Project, established in 1943 at the secret Los Alamos laboratory, led to the first test of the atomic bomb in Alamogordo.

The Trinity nuclear test on July 16, 1945, was a first of its kind, and less than a month later, the United States dropped two devastating atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, effectively concluding the Second World War. As the chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, Lewis Strauss, moves towards the Senate and greater power at the onset of the Cold War, Oppenheimer realizes his partial responsibility for nuclear armament and the potential threat of nuclear war to humanity. Towards the end of his career, once a naive idealist, he finds himself embroiled in courtroom drama, political power plays, and intrigue.

Oppenheimer is written by Christopher Nolan. The film was shot using 65-millimeter IMAX® cameras on regular 65-millimeter film, marking the first time IMAX® cameras have been used to capture analog black-and-white footage.

Greatest Showman


“The Greatest Showman” is a musical film that tells the story of P.T. Barnum. He was a famous American showman and pioneer in the entertainment industry. The movie follows Barnum’s life starting from his youth. Barnum’s dream was to create a unique entertainment experience that brings together different people and gives them a chance to shine on stage.

Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) puts together his own circus by gathering a group of diverse and unique performers, including acrobats, singers, dwarfs, and others who were traditionally discriminated in society. His attempt generates a lot of interest and captivates the audience, but it also faces resistance and criticism.

The film follows Barnum’s struggle for acceptance, success, and his family, all while trying to create a world where everyone can feel accepted and valued. Through the power of music, the movie emphasizes the uniqueness of individuals and encourages them to take pride in their differences.

Hassisen Kone 40 vuotta myöhemmin elokuvan juliste.

Hassisen Kone 40 vuotta myöhemmin


“Hassisen Kone 40 Years Later” is a documentary film about a band that, despite its short lifespan, is still remembered as one of the most iconic Finnish rock bands of all time. The film tells the story not only of the band’s 40th-anniversary concert and its preparation but also of the band’s history and its members’ journey from young celebrities to adults.

Elvis elokuvan juliste



The film about the iconic Elvis Presley tells how a little boy became a well-known rock star in the 1950s. In particular, the relationship between Elvis and his manager Tom Colonel Parker is examined more deeply.

The film was awarded two BAFTA awards: Best Actor and Best Costume Design.

A united kingdom elokuvan juliste

A united kingdom


Ruth and Seretse meet at a party and fall in love. However, their love is not easy, because in 1940s London, a romance between a dark-skinned person and a white-skinned one arouses aggravation. In addition to this, Seretse is the crown prince of Betsuanaland and the duties of a ruler call him. The film is based on true events.

The educational materials of Koulukino are related to the biographical film, the main characters of the film, racial segregation, the colonial period, and national independence. The learning material is aimed at secondary and middle school studies.

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Hitchcock is based on true events and the work of Stephen Rebello, when the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock worked on one of his landmark works, the movie Psycho. In particular, the relationship between him and his wife is being investigated.

Koulukino’s learning materials are related to Hitchcock’s career, the concept of “auteur”, biopic films, Hollywood studios, 1950s film production, the Psycho film and its psychoanalysis. The material is aimed at secondary school studies.

The film was nominated at the Oscars for the best make-up and hair.

Olavi Virta elokuvan juliste

Olavi Virta


Olavi Virta tells the story of one of the most famous Finnish male singers of all time. His career dates back to Finland’s post-war era, and with the help of his music, Finns forgot their sorrows by dancing, partying, dreaming, and loving.

As Olavi’s career rose, the temptations of success came with it, such as alcohol and side relationships, and he did not manage to avoid them. Although the family stayed by Olavi’s side for a long time, in the end, nothing made the family stay by his side, despite his requests and promises.

Koulukino’s learning material is aimed at secondary school studies and high schools. The tasks consist of interpreting the interview video, information search and analysis tasks, and tips on places to visit which are made to honor Olavi Virta.

Poster of Tolkien movie



“Tolkien,” tells the inspiring story of one of the most famous writers of our time, J.R.R. Tolkien. The film tells, among other things, about his orphanhood, his studies among love, friends, linguists, and artists, and his time as a young British officer in the middle of the First World War. Tolkien’s experiences have ultimately shaped him into the writer we know him to be.

Koulukino’s educational material deals with film production, a biographical film, growing up to be a writer, friendships, and studying and researching languages. The learning material is aimed at middle schools and secondary education.

Eddie the Eagle elokuvan juliste

Eddie the Eagle


The adventure comedy tells the story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, known even to Finns, a British hill jumper who never stopped believing in himself. Even the British people lost faith in him, but with the help of his coach, he eventually managed to gather a large international fan base for himself at the 1988 Winter Olympics, where Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen won three Olympic gold medals.

Koulukino’s learning material deals with success, struggle, dreams, the meaning of small words and actions, movie characters, and sports heroes. The material is aimed at middle schools and upper secondary schools as well as other secondary educational institutions.

Bohemian Rhapsody elokuvan juliste

Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody is based on the legendary band Queens and more specifically on its singer, Freddie Mercury. The film contains excerpts from real events.

The film tells how the band rose to fame. However, the singer’s life quickly goes downhill and in the end, in the worst misfortune of all, Freddie is diagnosed with AIDS. Despite his illness, he wants to once again pull off an all-time show at the Live Aid concert in Britain’s Wembley arena.

The film won a whopping four Oscars in the following categories: best actor, video editing, sound editing, and sound mixing.

Koulukino’s educational materials deal with Queen’s music, health, AIDS, HIV, life management, sexuality, culture, minorities, immigration, own roots, writing a film review and equivalent, writing Finnish words from English, and analyzing Finnish versions of songs. The last task is a debate exercise.