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BabyKino in Kallio Library, Helsinki


Every Wednesday, the children’s section of the Kallio library is full of strollers parked side by side. The explanation for this is the BabyKino (trans. BabyCinema), which is organized in the library’s space called Satulinna and has gained great popularity among families with babies, which gathers parents and babies from the surrounding area for a […]

Youth Work in Parish Herttoniemi, Helsinki


Caption: Jouko Olkkola at the statue of Sean Connery in Tallinn. “During my student days at the turn of the 70s and 80s, it was my dream to buy all the James Bond films, but they weren’t available anywhere. Nowadays, it’s much easier to get movies,” says Olkkola. Photo by Raija Olkkola. Movies as part […]

School: Koulunmäen yhtenäiskoulu, Äänekoski


Movies Help Identify People  The movie actors do a great job putting themselves into the story, the era, and the lives of the characters. The possibility of identification increases the poignancy of the story. At the school in Äänekoski, films are used both in teaching and as a counterweight to the actual school work. Niko […]