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Peter Pan elokuvan juliste

Peter Pan


Peter Pan is an animated film produced by Walt Disney, based on J.M. Barrie’s play and story of the same name. It tells the story of Peter Pan, who is stuck in eternal youth and lives in a fantasy world called Neverland, where he enjoys adventures with his friends, such as the Darling children and Tinker Bell. Peter Pan can fly, and one night, he takes three children to Neverland to help them escape the burden of growing up.

On their journey, they encounter Captain Hook, the leader of the pirates, who seeks revenge against Peter Pan. The children also meet the Lost Boys, Native Americans, and the fierce Tiger Lily, who protects the inhabitants of Neverland. Throughout the film, the children and Peter Pan experience many exciting adventures. The movie addresses childhood, adulthood, friendship, love, and dreams. It emphasizes the importance of imagination and playfulness in life, as well as the significance of growing up.

Peter Pan is a classic adventure film that has enchanted generations with its unforgettable characters and story.

Kaunotar ja Kulkuri elokuvan juliste

Lady and the Tramp


“Lady and the Tramp” is a Disney animated film that tells the beloved story of Lady, an aristocratic and beautiful but lonely princess dog, and Tramp, a charming and free-spirited stray dog. The story begins with Lady, who feels like an outsider in her life. One day, she meets Tramp, who helps her escape the misery and boredom of the city. A special bond develops between them as they experience adventures together, and Lady learns to see the world in a different way.

Lady and the Tramp encounter many obstacles on their journey. They have to face cruel dog catchers, dangerous dogs, and other hardships. At the same time, they also discover the seed of romance in their hearts. They share a romantic dinner in a famous restaurant, and in the film’s most famous scene, they share a heartwarming moment while eating a shared plate of spaghetti. Eventually, their journey leads Lady back home, but this story remains forever in their hearts.

This is a classic film that has enchanted audiences for decades with its story of love, adventure, and life’s little joys. The film emphasizes overcoming prejudices and bringing together different worlds, leaving the viewer pondering how small moments can change the course of life and bring together people who are meant for each other.

Aristokatit elokuvan juliste

The AristoCats


“The Aristocats” is a Disney animated film from 1970 that tells the story of Duchess, a domestic cat who is abandoned against her will, and her three kittens. Madame Adelaide, an elegant old lady living in Paris, plans to leave her fortune to her cats. However, a jealous butler named Edgar decides to get rid of the cats and claim the inheritance for himself. Edgar kidnaps the cats and leaves them in the countryside, but along the way, they meet a charming alley cat named Thomas O’Malley, who helps them find their way back home. Together, they devise a rescue plan and go through an adventure that teaches them the importance of friendship and family.

The movie is colorful and entertaining, combining humor, adventure, and heartwarming moments. The story depicts class differences and a sense of community within the world of cats, emphasizing love, friendship, and bravery. The film’s music, such as the iconic “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat,” adds to its charm and catchiness. “The Aristocats” is a classic that appeals to audiences of all ages and offers an unforgettable movie experience.

The enchanting story features adorable and unique cat characters. Duchess and her kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse find themselves in unexpected adventures on their journey back home. Their humorous mishaps and lessons learned along the way capture the atmosphere and allure of the film. “The Aristocats” is a timeless tale of family and adventure that makes the audience laugh, suspenseful, and joyful about the power of animal friendship.

Mamma mia! elokuvan juliste

Mamma mia!


Mamma Mia! is a cheerful and colorful musical comedy set on a beautiful Greek island. The story follows Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), a young woman who has invited three possible fathers to her wedding without her mother, Donna (Meryl Streep), knowing. Sophie hopes to find her father before the big day, and this leads to hilarious mayhem as three different men arrive on the island and try to find out the truth.

The film’s driving force is the use of Abba’s memorable music, as the characters sing and dance to the band’s iconic songs. Mamma Mia! takes the viewer into a colorful world full of love, humor, and drama. At the same time, it highlights the importance of family relationships and encourages us to take risks for love.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the mother’s past and romantic relationships are not as simple as it seems at first. Surprising plot twists are revealed from Donna’s past, but in the midst of it all, family and friendship remain strong. Mamma Mia! offers its viewers an unforgettable adventure bursting with the joy of music, dance, and a joyful atmosphere.

Karaokeparatiisi elokuvan julistekuva



Karaokeparatiisi, awarded as the best documentary film of the year, is about Finnish karaoke culture. The film interviews five different people and describes how they live with karaoke.

Kuningasjätkä elokuvan juliste

A Summer by the River (Kuningasjätkä)


A Summer by the River (Kuningasjätkä) takes place in Eastern Finland in the 1950s around the events of log swimming. The father in the story loses his wife – and only father and son remain. The father (Tenho) goes with his son (Simon) for the summer to prune trees, where the work and the workers are merciless. The film beautifully depicts Finland’s summer nature, and there is also a bit of love involved when Tenho finds a new interesting woman.

The film won a fantastic five Jussi awards in the following categories: Film of the Year, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Direction, and Best Screenplay.

Supermarsu elokuvan juliste

Super Furball


A young girl named Emilia gets superpowers from being bitten by her pet guinea pig, which come in handy when the herrings of the Baltic Sea rise up in rebellion to save the sea from pollution. The film is based on the book series “Emilia’s diaries” and more specifically on the book “Supermarsu saves the herrings”, written by Paula Noronen. The book in question was nominated for the Finlandia junior prize in 2009.

The educational material of the school cinema deals with superheroes, writing a diary, bullying at school, social relations in the class, the Baltic Sea and its species, and conservation. The learning material is aimed at primary schools and primary education.

Bohemian Rhapsody elokuvan juliste

Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody is based on the legendary band Queens and more specifically on its singer, Freddie Mercury. The film contains excerpts from real events.

The film tells how the band rose to fame. However, the singer’s life quickly goes downhill and in the end, in the worst misfortune of all, Freddie is diagnosed with AIDS. Despite his illness, he wants to once again pull off an all-time show at the Live Aid concert in Britain’s Wembley arena.

The film won a whopping four Oscars in the following categories: best actor, video editing, sound editing, and sound mixing.

Koulukino’s educational materials deal with Queen’s music, health, AIDS, HIV, life management, sexuality, culture, minorities, immigration, own roots, writing a film review and equivalent, writing Finnish words from English, and analyzing Finnish versions of songs. The last task is a debate exercise.

Heinähattu Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset elokuvan juliste.

Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset


Hanna has planned a week’s vacation for her family in Kattilankoski, where they will spend time in a holiday cabin. The family gets lost in the wrong cabin, which is a holiday cabin served by the police officers. Two constables come to the cottage at the same time as the family, which causes misunderstandings. This creates the ingredients for a hilarious adventure comedy!

Themes of the educational material for school cinema: text skills, vocabulary, basic film concepts, main characters, plot, milieu, genre, humor, farce, and comedy.

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris elokuva.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris


Widowed Ada Harris lives in London in the 1950s, working as a cleaner. One day she falls in love with a Dior dress presented by her client. As a sign from her late husband, Ada receives a large sum of money for the loss of her husband Eddie in the war, as she should have received a war widow’s pension as a result of what happened.

Mrs. Harris makes a different decision compared to his previous lifestyle and makes it her goal to own a Dior dress and leaves for Paris. The film is the story of a brave woman who pursues her unique dream regardless of other people’s opinions. The film is based on Paul Galliconi’s novel Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris, which appeared in 1957.

The film was nominated for best costume design at the Oscars.