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Love, Simon

Everyone deserves a great love story, but for Simon, it’s not that simple. No one knows yet that he likes boys. Simon is also in love online, but he has no idea who the boy is. Figuring things out turns out to be hilarious, scary, and above all, life-changing.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” is a heartfelt and hilarious comedy that continues the adventures of beloved characters in a Greek family. The movie follows new twists and mishaps as the family prepares to host yet another grand and colorful Greek wedding event. Love, humor, and family relationships are central themes, and viewers will enjoy unforgettable moments that bring smiles to their faces and warmth to their hearts.


Book Club: The Next Chapter

The group of four friends embarks on their book club’s unique girls’ pampering trip to Italy. When things go off the rails and secrets begin to unravel, what was meant to be a relaxing vacation turns into an unforgettable adventure across Italy.



Emil is a young boy who moves from the countryside to the city with his mother. At the same time, elsewhere, a pelican lands on a beach. It finds clothes and puts them on, thus beginning its life as a human. Right away, it hitches a ride to the city. It moves into the house next to Emil’s, unaware that the caretaker is allergic to birds… As Emil adjusts to his new life in the city, the pelican takes its first steps in life as a human. Being a big lover of music, the pelican lands a job at the Opera House. There, it falls in love with a lovely ballerina. One day, Emil meets the pelican and immediately notices that it’s a bird in human clothes. Emil and the pelican get to know each other and become best friends. The pelican’s origin is their shared big secret. Then, a pretty girl Elsa, Emil’s age, appears in the yard. At first, Emil is jealous of the pelican, but then Emil and Elsa become friends too. Emil teaches the pelican to read, thus the pelican learns more and more about being human. But just when they’re having the most fun, the caretaker starts to suspect that something’s going on. Are the new tenant’s habits too strange after all?

Liisa Helminen

Kari Ketonen
Roni Haarakangas
Inka Nuorgam
Jonna Järnefelt

The movie won two Jussi Awards:
Best Production Design: Jussi Halonen, Samuli Halla, and Petri Neuvonen
Best Sound Design: Paul Jyrälä


Ella ja kaverit

Second grader Ella’s small village school is threatened with closure and demolition. The students are being transferred to a large and dreary new school. Behind the closure of the village school is Mr. One, who wants to build a race track in its place. With the support of her teacher, Ella and her friends come up with a way to save their own school.

Taneli Mustonen

Eero Milonoff
Kari Ketonen
Armi Toivanen
Ville Myllyrinne


Sukunsa viimeinen

“The Last of the Line” tells the story of change, upbringing, and the theft of identity. Set on the Jamal Peninsula during the Soviet era, the film is based on true events in director Anastasia Lapsui’s childhood environment.

A young Nenets girl named Neko is forcibly taken from her home to a boarding school in a Russian village against her will. Forced into a foreign culture and new customs, Neko rebels against Russification and becomes the target of bullying by her classmates and scrutiny from her teachers. Together with a Nenets boy from the same school, Neko escapes to return to the safety of her own family and familiar customs. However, their escape across the wintry tundra is short-lived, and the inevitable return to school and new Russian life is unavoidable.

The film’s story is told through the memories of an elderly Neko. School has taught her much new knowledge, and Russian culture has become a natural part of her. But something important has permanently changed; as the last representative of her family, Neko has grown estranged from her own roots and lost the ability to continue her family’s age-old traditions.

Markku Lehmuskallio and Anastasia Lapsui

Aleksandra Okotetto
Nadezhda Pyrerko
Anastasia Lapsui
Jevgeni Hudi


Punk – tauti joka ei tapa

The overall tone of the film is as energetic as punk itself. The movie depicts youth, specifically two generations of youth from the 1970s-80s and the present-day punk scenes. We follow a band formed by four young people from the Tampere region, witnessing their journey through gigs, successes, and setbacks. The film features both old and new punk music, along with intriguing archival footage from the early days of punk veterans. “Punk – A Disease That Doesn’t Kill” is a compelling and engaging documentary about Finnish punk, entertaining yet not toothless or bland.

Jouko Aaltonen

Andy McCoy
Severi Helle
Pelle Miljoona
Pantse Syrjä

Note: The documentary is no longer available on Blu-ray or DVD.


Madam President

In the documentary “Madam President,” we follow the everyday life of Finland’s first female president for nearly a year and a half, up until the end of her term. “Madam President” is a film about Finland, about the president as a leader, and the brisk woman behind the institution.

The production team of the film accompanies President Halonen in Finland and abroad, in cabinets and leisure. The documentary captures the routine and celebration from November 2010 to early March, when President Halonen handed over power to her successor. In “Madam President,” the viewer is present in situations never seen before moments just before significant public events and afterward, journeys and transitions, and all the tasks that constitute the work.

Aleksi Bardy

Tarja Halonen
Pentti Arajärvi
Eila Nevalainen
Heli Sariola

Note: No longer available on Blu-ray or DVD distribution.


Emperor’s Secret

“The Emperor’s Secret,” completed in 2006, is Finland’s first full-length computer-animated film set in a fantasy world. Although the movie features caricatures of politicians from the “Itsevaltiaat” TV series, it is not directly related to the series’ plot. The story revolves around a small village’s battle against an evil emperor.

The film was directed by Riina Hyytiä, and among its voice actors are Mika-Ala Panula, Anna Bentley, and Jukka Puotila. There are many characters, with several recognizable as Finnish politicians. “The Emperor’s Secret” was produced by Helsinki Film and Anima Vitae Oy.



Young poet Laura Eklund Nhaga is seeking meaningful ways to influence the surrounding world. She explores various forms of activism, understanding that each of them can be effective in its own way. Eklund Nhaga moves effortlessly from the steps of the Parliament House to British university poetry nights and to the Capitol. The documentary by Greenlit Productions examines some of the biggest questions of the present moment, such as global change, the rise of populism on social media, and grassroots movements. The film is audio-described. (Source: Yle Areena)

Note: Not available in DVD or Blu-ray format.