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Tim Burtons Corpse Bride elokuvan juliste.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride


“Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride” is a stop-motion animated film released in 2005, telling the story of Victor, a young man who is about to enter into an arranged marriage with a young woman named Victoria. However, Victor accidentally marries a deceased bride, Corpse Bride, while practicing his wedding vows in the forest. In the film, Corpse Bride is named Emily.

Guided by Emily, Victor finds himself in the world of the dead, portrayed in the movie as a dark and surreal place. Victor soon realizes that the world of the dead is very different from the world of the living, and he tries to find a way back to the living. At the same time, he learns more about Emily and her tragic fate.

The film features many adventures and musical numbers and explores themes such as love, death, and hope. Ultimately, the movie concludes with a romantic and touching ending that brings happiness to most of the characters.

“Corpse Bride” embodies Tim Burton’s typical style, known for its dark and fantastical aesthetics, and it has received praise for its animation, characters, and music.

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“Frankenweenie” is a stop-motion animated film released in 2012, directed by Tim Burton. The film is in black and white and is based on Burton’s short film of the same name from 1984.

The story revolves around a young Victor Frankenstein, a young and talented prodigy scientist, who lives in the dreamlike town of New Holland. Victor’s only friend is his beloved dog, Sparky, and they share a very close bond.

One fateful day, a tragic accident occurs when Sparky is involved in a car accident and dies. Victor is deeply saddened by the loss but is soon inspired to bring Sparky back to life. He uses his scientific skills to build a device that resurrects Sparky.

At first, Sparky seems to be his old self, but Victor’s secret starts to leak out and becomes known to a few of the town’s residents. Soon, other children in New Holland begin to experiment with similar methods to bring their own pets back to life, leading to all sorts of comical and horrifying events.

As Victor and his friends try to keep the situation under control, the adults fear that these experiments could lead to disaster. The film explores themes of friendship, dedication, and acceptance.

“Frankenweenie” embodies Tim Burton’s distinctive style and offers a unique take on classic horror movies, along with a touching story of the strong bond between Victor and Sparky.

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Hotel Transylvania


“Hotel Transylvania” is an animated film released in 2012, which tells the story of monsters and other supernatural characters who vacation at Dracula’s-owned amusement resort called “Hotel Transylvania.” This hotel is designed to provide a safe place for monsters to relax, far away from the human world.

The plot of the film revolves around Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler), who is the owner of the hotel and a father. He is hosting his daughter Mavis’s (voiced by Selena Gomez) 118th birthday party at the hotel. Mavis has always lived at the hotel and has never been to the human world. She has a dream of leaving the hotel and experiencing the world for herself.

Everything changes when a young human named Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) accidentally stumbles into Hotel Transylvania. Dracula tries to keep Jonathan away from Mavis, but soon he realizes that the young man isn’t as bad as he initially thought. Jonathan and Mavis start to like each other, and Dracula has to balance love and safety.

The plot of the film follows Dracula’s attempts to prevent Mavis and Jonathan’s relationship, but at the same time, it raises questions about friendship, prejudice, and the importance of family. Ultimately, the story moves towards reconciliation and understanding of differences. “Hotel Transylvania” offers comedy, humor, and monstrous adventures for the whole family.

We hold the non-theatrical rights to all Hotel Transylvania films:

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania 2
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

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Monster Family 2


In order to free Baba Yaga and Renfield from the clutches of Monster Hunter Mila Starr, the Wishbone family once again transforms into a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, a mummy, and a werewolf. Assisted by their three pet bats, the Monster Family travels the world to rescue their friends, make new monstrous acquaintances, and ultimately become aware that ‘nobody is perfect’ because even those with flaws can find happiness.

Yksin kotona elokuvan juliste.

Home Alone


“Home Alone” is a comedy film released in 1990, directed by Chris Columbus and produced by John Hughes. The film stars Macaulay Culkin as 8-year-old Kevin McCallister.

At the beginning of the movie, the McCallister family is getting ready for a Christmas vacation trip to Paris. With a large and bustling family, the preparations are hectic. Kevin, being the youngest in the family, often feels overlooked and to make matters worse, he’s bullied. On Christmas morning, Kevin wakes up to realize that his family has hurriedly left for the airport and forgotten him at home because he fell asleep in his upstairs room. Initially, Kevin enjoys his newfound freedom and does everything he normally wouldn’t be allowed to do.

However, he soon discovers that his home has become the target of burglars, portrayed by Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern). Kevin must now protect his home and come up with ways to keep the burglars at bay. He sets up traps and does everything in his power to prevent the burglars from breaking in and causing havoc.

The movie follows Kevin’s adventures and clever tricks against the burglars, all the while his mother (Catherine O’Hara) desperately tries to return home and find her son. “Home Alone” is a funny comedy that combines family drama, humor, and suspense, and it’s a Christmas classic that many people watch every holiday season.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie


The Super Mario Bros. Movie brings to the screen the familiar plumber Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, and many others!

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The movie is based on Felix Salten’s novel of the same name, “Bambi: A Life in the Woods.” It tells the coming-of-age story and adventures of a young white-tailed deer named Bambi in the forest.

The film begins with Bambi’s birth. He meets other forest animals, such as a skunk, a rabbit, and a wise owl. Bambi learns about the challenges and dangers of life in the forest, e.g. hunting.

The movie follows Bambi’s growth into adulthood and the challenges he faces. Bambi also falls in love with another young deer, and their friendship and life together become a central part of the story.

However, life in the forest is not always easy. A tragic event deeply affects Bambi, and he must learn to cope with loss and difficulties. Nevertheless, Bambi finds strength and courage as he takes on the role of the forest’s king.

Bambi is a touching film that explores the beauty of nature and its cycles, friendship, and the diversity of life. It is one of Disney’s most iconic and beloved classics, leaving a lasting impact on the world of animation and touching generations around the globe.

101 dalmatialaista elokuvan juliste

101 Dalmatians


“101 Dalmatians” is a classic Disney animated film that was released back in 1961. The story revolves around two Dalmatians, a male named Pongo and a female named Perdita, who live a happy life in London with their owners Roger and Anita.

One day, dogs’ owners discover that Pongo and Perdita are expecting puppies. However, the joyful news spreads quickly, attracting the attention of the wicked Cruella De Vil, who is notorious for her obsession with fur. She decides to steal the puppies to make fur coats out of them.

Devastated by the loss of their puppies to Cruella De Vil, Pongo and Perdita embark on an exciting rescue mission with the help of other animals. They receive assistance from Siamese cats and a loud-mouthed fox, among others. Their journey takes them through the streets of London and the perils of the countryside, leading them to Cruella’s gloomy mansion. Once there, they join forces to combat Cruella’s wicked schemes and strive to save the puppies safely.

“101 Dalmatians” is a heartwarming and adventure-filled movie that emphasizes the importance of family, as well as the power of friendship and courage. It is a timeless classic that has captivated audiences worldwide for over six decades.

The film won the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film.

Croodit 2 Uusi aika elokuvan juliste

The Croods: A New Age


The Croods, the world’s first family, have survived numerous dangers and disasters throughout their history, such as prehistoric beasts. However, now they encounter something that will change their lives – another family.

The Croods need a new home, so the family sets out to find a safe place to live. After finding a sheltered paradise full of natural resources, they think their problems are solved. However, there is one but – another family already lives in the place, called Bettermans.

The Bettermans are slightly ahead of the Croods in evolution. They have a spectacular tree house, wonderful inventions, and abundant farms full of food. The families quickly become strained when they take the Croods to live with them.

When everything seems to be going wrong, a new threat throws both families out of their new homes and into an adventure. They have to accept each other’s differences, support each other and build a common future. (Source: Finnkino)

Elvis elokuvan juliste



The film about the iconic Elvis Presley tells how a little boy became a well-known rock star in the 1950s. In particular, the relationship between Elvis and his manager Tom Colonel Parker is examined more deeply.

The film was awarded two BAFTA awards: Best Actor and Best Costume Design.