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Ajomies elokuvan juliste.



A windy summer for a trackmaster. The trackmaster works amidst great forces, heavy machinery, and unpredictable animals, mastering them all. However, one summer involved greater forces – the emotions, both his own and others’.

The driver, played by Matti Laine, lives a quietly steady life: he works at the racetrack, is married, and enjoys sauna sessions at the cottage. After the summer, a move is on the horizon, and the man should train Marita (Elina Ylisuvanto), a vibrant woman, to be the new driver of the starting car. Emotions run high at the racetrack, but having two women in his life becomes overwhelming, leaving an undeniable choice before him.

The movie, executed in every aspect with elegance, unfolds at the Pilvenmäki racetrack. It portrays both the mundane and dramatic setting for the protagonist’s subtly depicted internal struggle.

Towards the end, a revelation in the story offers a new, unexpected perspective on the man’s situation. Passi and Laine navigate stylishly to the resolution, where emotions and reason grapple. Humor and wisdom are brought into the film, especially through the character played by Tapio Aarre-Ahtio.

Director: Jarkko T. Laine, J-P Passi

Matti Laine
Elina Ylisuvanto
Tapio Aarre-Ahtio


The Painting Sellers

Christmas is already at the doorstep, but the sales just aren’t happening. Collaboration is faltering, and it’s constantly freezing, but that’s not the main issue. The biggest problem is the budding friendship. Juho Kuosmanen’s Cannes award-winning film from 2010.


Ystäväni Henry

The story revolves around the secrets and traumas of 12-year-old Elsa and Henry, as well as their families, but also delves into themes of friendship, acceptance, and love.

Kaikella rakkaudella elokuvan juliste


Things We Do for Love (Kaikella rakkaudella)

The film tells about the different forms of love and what a person is willing to do for it. The story takes place in the landscapes of Finnish Lapland, Norwegian Lapland, and the Arctic Ocean. Is love something you consider first, or coincidence?

Toivo Vaarala is a photographer who meets Ansa on a photography trip and they fall in love. Ansa’s dangerous, threatening, and ex-husband Ismo, who has a history of murder, enters the picture, but for some reason he becomes friends with Toivo. Ansa and Ismo have two children together. The film also describes their challenging family relationships with their parents.

Neiti aika elokuvan juliste


Lady Time

The documentary tells the story of Sirkka-Liisa Miettinen, who died at the age of 98 in Helsinki’s Kisakylä and had no relatives. Elina Talvensaari, who is the director of the film, was inspired to make that film when she bought Sirkka-Liisa’s apartment by chance. The apartment came with all of Sirkka-Liisa’s personal belongings, down to the smallest item. The director did not want to put the items directly into the disposal, because then even the last grains of information about Sirkka-Liisa would have been lost. Elina wanted to remember Sirkka-Liisa, so the idea for Lady Time came from this.

The educational material of Koulukino tells more about the background of the film, deals with storytelling, objects and emotions, the story of an ordinary person, and what is private and public. The learning material is aimed at secondary school studies.

Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset elokuvan juliste


Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset

Satu and Heidi, the best rebels who follow their own path, sabotage a shallow summer wedding because they swear that love is not for sale – until Heidi falls head over heels in love with the hot hot guy Lauri Mäntyvaara. Satu is suddenly left alone with her revolution, when only cute kittens and fat chest muscles dance in Heidi’s eyes.

Help would be available from Heidi’s older brother Henri – but is he and his crocs just another kind of threat? Friendship, love and improving the world collide with a sledgehammer, flamethrowers and a surreal curd cruise. Satu has to decide what he really wants. And dare to pursue it. (Source: Filmikamari)