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License required for the public film screening

According to the Finnish Copyright Act, public screening of the film requires permission. With the movie license annual permit, you can present the service's software from a source intended for private use of your choice.

Pekko ja muukalainen

1996 | 80 min | S | comedy

Kaisa Kuovi and the police officer have their first child, eagerly anticipated by the entire village of Tyräaho. At the same time, a puzzling black man appears in the village. Despite some dangerous events, the residents of Tyräaho celebrate their traditional summer festivities and joyful christening, where everyone is present – or are they?

About the movie


  • arts
  • finnish
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • social studies


  • appearance
  • cultures
  • differency
  • domestic
  • friendship
  • humoristic
  • identity and growing
  • relationships

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools
  • middle schools


  • comedy

Age limits

  • S


  • Artista Filmi