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Heinähattu Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset elokuvan juliste.

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Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset

2017 | 90 min | S | comedy, family

Hanna has planned a week’s vacation for her family in Kattilankoski, where they will spend time in a holiday cabin. The family gets lost in the wrong cabin, which is a holiday cabin served by the police officers. Two constables come to the cottage at the same time as the family, which causes misunderstandings. This creates the ingredients for a hilarious adventure comedy!

Themes of the educational material for school cinema: text skills, vocabulary, basic film concepts, main characters, plot, milieu, genre, humor, farce, and comedy.

Themes and Objectives of the Film:

  • Friendship and Family: The film emphasizes the importance of friendship and family.
  • Nature and Environment: The film incorporates nature-themed themes and provides an opportunity to discuss environmental issues.
  • Children’s Films: The movie falls into the category of children’s films and is suitable for both elementary and middle school-aged children.
  • Visual Arts and Visual Expression: The film includes visual elements that can inspire children’s artistic expression.

Connection to Subjects:

Finnish Language and Literature:

  • The film provides an opportunity for comprehension and listening to stories.
  • After the movie, similar fairy tales or stories can be told to the children.

Visual Arts:

  • The film includes visual imagery that can inspire children to draw or paint their own pictures.
  • They can depict their friends, nature, or events from the story.

Ethics and Philosophy of Life:

  • Discussing the themes of friendship, nature, and the importance of family is also suitable for younger children.

Environmental Studies:

  • The film’s themes of nature and the environment are relevant to environmental studies.

Questions and Discussion Topics After the Movie:

Friendship and Adventure:

  • Ask simple questions such as “Who is your friend?” and “What has been your most exciting adventure?”.

Nature and Environment:

  • Discuss with children what they like about nature and how we can help protect it.

Importance of Family:

  • Talk about family and who is in their family.

Tasks After the Movie:

Friendship Story in Words and Pictures:

  • Ask children to create a short story about friendship and draw related pictures.

Nature Adventure:

  • Organize a short outdoor activity for children and ask them to explore and observe the nature around them.

Easier Visual Arts Assignment:

  • Provide children with colored pencils or watercolors and ask them to paint pictures related to friendship and nature.

The educational material has been prepared by Elokuvalisenssi.

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About the movie


  • arts
  • finnish


  • domestic
  • educational materials
  • family
  • friendship
  • humoristic
  • learning materials
  • milieu and zeitgeist
  • multiliteracy
  • nature
  • reading skills of movie
  • relationships
  • spying
  • warmth

Educational levels

  • preschools
  • primary schools


  • comedy
  • family


  • based on a book
  • feelgood-movies

Age limits

  • S


  • Yellow Film & TV