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Billy Elliot

2000 | 1h 50s min | K-12 | drama

1984, Northern England. The miners of a small town are on strike and the atmosphere is tense. 11-year-old Billy Elliot’s father and brother are on strike, but Billy has other things in mind. Tired of the school’s brutal boxing training, he becomes interested in the girls’ ballet dance. Soon Billy is already on the parquet practicing standing on his toes. The home crowd is not exactly fond of Billy’s new hobby. However, as the strike only gets worse, Billy continues his training, secretly – with the help of ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. Young Billy has gifts and possibilities are limitless. But will his old family ever accept a boy who squirms in dancing shoes? Directed by Stephen Daldry. In roles e.g. Jamie Bell and Julie Walters.

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About the movie


  • arts
  • english
  • ethics
  • finnish
  • music
  • physical education


  • appearance
  • dance
  • differency
  • emotional skills
  • Ethics
  • Europe
  • family circumstances
  • human rights education
  • learning materials
  • multiliteracy
  • rolemodels

Educational levels

  • middle schools
  • primary schools


  • drama

Age limits

  • K-12


  • Universal Pictures

For media educator

The film Billy Elliot's themes are ballet and various hobbies, diversity, strikes, and film reviews. The film tells a wonderful story about a brave boy who does what he is interested in dancing ballet. The film breaks the boundaries regarding "what things belong to girls and what things belong to boys".

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