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Shark Tale

Oscar, a worker at the local whale wash, unexpectedly becomes a hero when he tells a big white lie. To keep his secret, Oscar teams up with Lenny, a vegetarian shark on the run, and they unexpectedly become friends. Oscar’s secret threatens to be revealed, and trustworthy friends Angie and Lenny come to his aid, helping Oscar find his place on the reef.


Räkä ja Roiskis

Räkä and Roiskis travel to their grandmother’s house in the small town of Suuvesi for their winter vacation. Upon arrival, they notice that everything in the once very ordinary town is a bit askew. The strangest thing is that holes are disappearing from the town. Räkä and Roiskis set out to investigate and soon find themselves on the trail of the local dentist, Migrén Junior. However, their investigation is threatened when the messy Räkä and the meticulous Roiskis get into conflicts with each other. How can Suuvesi be restored to its former state and the holes be put back in place if the boys cannot work together? The only way to restore order is through the brothers’ teamwork.


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Two overly imaginative schoolboys, George and Harold, hypnotize their principal into believing he is a superhero named Captain Underpants.


Kung Fu Panda

Po the panda (Jack Black) is a humble noodle restaurant waiter who is a kung fu fanatic, but his own body is not exactly the prototype of a kung fu fighter. In fact, Po’s most distinctive characteristic is being the laziest animal in the animal kingdom of ancient China. This becomes a problem because strong enemies are attacking Po’s peaceful home valley, and all hope rests on a prophecy; a prophecy that says he is the “chosen” savior. A group of martial arts masters will need a black belt in patience if they are to turn the slacker panda into a kung fu fighter before it is too late.

Through us, license to the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 is also available.



The Mallard family faces a small dilemma. Father Mack would be content with safe paddling in a New England pond, but mother Pam wants to shake things up and show her children—Dax and little Gwen—the whole world. When another migrating duck family returns to the same pond with exciting stories from distant places, Pam convinces Mack to embark on a journey—through New York to the tropical Jamaica.



Emil is a young boy who moves from the countryside to the city with his mother. At the same time, elsewhere, a pelican lands on a beach. It finds clothes and puts them on, thus beginning its life as a human. Right away, it hitches a ride to the city. It moves into the house next to Emil’s, unaware that the caretaker is allergic to birds… As Emil adjusts to his new life in the city, the pelican takes its first steps in life as a human. Being a big lover of music, the pelican lands a job at the Opera House. There, it falls in love with a lovely ballerina. One day, Emil meets the pelican and immediately notices that it’s a bird in human clothes. Emil and the pelican get to know each other and become best friends. The pelican’s origin is their shared big secret. Then, a pretty girl Elsa, Emil’s age, appears in the yard. At first, Emil is jealous of the pelican, but then Emil and Elsa become friends too. Emil teaches the pelican to read, thus the pelican learns more and more about being human. But just when they’re having the most fun, the caretaker starts to suspect that something’s going on. Are the new tenant’s habits too strange after all?

Liisa Helminen

Kari Ketonen
Roni Haarakangas
Inka Nuorgam
Jonna Järnefelt

The movie won two Jussi Awards:
Best Production Design: Jussi Halonen, Samuli Halla, and Petri Neuvonen
Best Sound Design: Paul Jyrälä


Ella ja kaverit

Second grader Ella’s small village school is threatened with closure and demolition. The students are being transferred to a large and dreary new school. Behind the closure of the village school is Mr. One, who wants to build a race track in its place. With the support of her teacher, Ella and her friends come up with a way to save their own school.

Taneli Mustonen

Eero Milonoff
Kari Ketonen
Armi Toivanen
Ville Myllyrinne


Herra Heinämäki ja Leijonatuuliviiri

During the Finnish War, highwayman Jeppe Antinpoika robs the treasure of the Swedish king. The bag of jewels is left hidden behind the pantry of a house, waiting to be discovered for eight hundred years.

City girl Aurora, also known as Arskan, arrives to visit her rural relative, Mr. Heinämäki, an eccentric gentleman. Mr. Heinämäki’s neighbor, the baker Kakelberg, is having a tough time because his house has started to haunt and his bakery business has been sabotaged. One evening, Arskan catches a mysterious prowler in the cellar of the baker’s house. Arskan and Mr. Heinämäki then start to solve the mystery of the baker’s house together.

Matti Grönberg
Pekka Karjalainen

Heikki Hela
Heikki Silvennoinen
Satu Säävälä
Outi Mäenpää
Jukka Rasila

Note: No longer available on DVD or Blu-ray distribution.


The Call of the Wild

“The Call of the Wild” is an adventure film released in 2020, based on Jack London’s novel of the same name. The movie follows the story of a dog named Buck, who is taken from California to the Alaskan wilderness to become a member of a dog sled team. Buck must adapt to harsh conditions and find his place within the pack. Along the way, he befriends John Thornton, who teaches him important life lessons. The film provides a modern interpretation of Jack London’s classic and highlights its timeless themes. Starring Harrison Ford and Terry Notary in lead roles.



The story set in the magical kingdom of Rosasin revolves around a clever girl named Asha, who deeply cares about her community. When Asha turns to the starry sky in a moment of need and makes a wish, she receives a response from a cosmic force—a small, energy-filled orb named Star. Together, they encounter a mighty enemy to save Asha’s community and prove that when the will of a brave individual merges with the magic of the stars, miracles can happen.

Voice actors include Ariana DeBose (Asha), Chris Pine (Magnifico), and Alan Tudyk (Valentino).