Genre: drama

Kaiken se kestää elokuvan juliste

Star Boys (Kaiken se kestää)


Star Boys (Kaiken se kestää) tells the story of a family from Oulu in the 1970s, which has three generations. The events are described through the youngest of the family, two adolescent boys. They are at a stage where the boys are also looking for their own identity. Parents try to raise their children without the old ways of their parents, but as a result, the children’s development is at risk. The story nicely describes how parents are also vulnerable and individuals who make wrong decisions. The father of the family (Tapio) has a secret affair with the mother of a family acquaintance.

Kuningasjätkä elokuvan juliste

A Summer by the River (Kuningasjätkä)


A Summer by the River (Kuningasjätkä) takes place in Eastern Finland in the 1950s around the events of log swimming. The father in the story loses his wife – and only father and son remain. The father (Tenho) goes with his son (Simon) for the summer to prune trees, where the work and the workers are merciless. The film beautifully depicts Finland’s summer nature, and there is also a bit of love involved when Tenho finds a new interesting woman.

The film won a fantastic five Jussi awards in the following categories: Film of the Year, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Direction, and Best Screenplay.

A Man Called Otto elokuvan juliste

A Man Called Otto


A Man Called Otto is based on the New York Times bestseller “A Man Called Ove”, in which the widowed Otto is grumpy and methodical. One day, a very sunny family moves in next door, and conflicts are ready to be born. However, to everyone’s surprise, a friendship develops between the wife of the family and Otto, which revolutionizes Otto’s long-term outlook on life.

Patti Cakes elokuvan juliste

Patti Cake$


Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Guild P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$ is starting rap artist seeking fame. At the same time as she tries to break into the New Jersey rap scene, her personal life is put to the test as her mother suffers from heartbreak and other hardships in addition to her difficulties. Fortunately, Patti’s wonderfully supportive friends and grandmother, who deeply believe in her, help.

The film deals with cultural borrowing and stealing, body positivity, fat shaming, appearance pressure, family relationships, support from friends, and a growth story.

Little Miss Sunshine elokuvan juliste

Little Miss Sunshine


The dramatic comedy is about the Hoover family, where everyone has their challenges, and this is a boundary-breaking film about a happy family idyll.

The father is a motivational trainer who unsuccessfully tries to market the “nine steps to success” program. On the other hand, the conservative mother balances her own family and her brother – the brother has just gotten out of the hospital to recover from his traumas, which are caused by the loss of his boyfriend. The brother is still suicidal and depressed. Grandpa Edwin is a loud-mouthed hedonist who wants to enjoy pleasure by all means.

The children of the Hoover family include Olive and Dwayne. Dwayne is a boy who reads passionately the philosopher Nietzsche. In the film, he sulks strongly. When Olive accidentally receives an invitation to participate in a nationally known “Little Miss Sunshine” race in California, the whole family goes on a trip to cheer her on to success by cramming them into a small, yellow, rusty Volkswagen van. During the trip, the family encounters a breakthrough that changes their lives forever.

The film tells the story of how even those who make a poor living in society, can succeed.

The film won two Oscars: Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay.

Juno elokuvan juliste



Juno tells the story of an outspoken and hot-tempered 16-year-old girl who unexpectedly becomes pregnant for her best friend Bleeker. However, after the natural initial shock, Juno gets the support of her family and she decides to give the child up for adoption to the perfect couple, because she is not ready to have an abortion either. This makes Juno explore herself, love, adulthood, and the world in general in ways she might never have otherwise.

The film won the Oscar for best screenplay.

Koulukino’s educational material deals with the film’s three-act model, the main sentence of the film, infertility, adoption, abortion, pregnancy, and the main character of the film. There is also material to process before watching the film. The material is aimed at secondary school studies.

The Shape of Water elokuvan juliste

The Shape of Water


The events take place in 1962 and in North America, where Elisa and Zelda are cleaners and friends in a research laboratory. Speechless Elisa discovers a top-secret object in the laboratory, which is a human-like, aquatic creature worshiped by the citizens of the Amazon rainforest. Agent Strickland of the laboratory performs torturous experiments on the creature, as a result of which the creature almost perishes. An unexpected love story develops between Elisa and the utopian water creature and Elisa decides to release the creature.

The film was significantly awarded four Oscars: best direction, cinematography, music, and set design. Movie was also awarded at the Bafta Gala.

Slummien miljonääri elokuvan juliste

Slumdog Millionaire


The film’s main character is an 18-year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, named Jamal Malik, who gets to participate in the “Do you want to be a millionaire” quiz. To everyone’s surprise, Jamal does amazingly well on the quiz. The description of the episode of the format ends at the point where the last question is yet to be asked and due to suspicion, the authorities arrest Jamal. No one can understand how he can know the answers to all the questions. Is it fate?

The film won a whopping eight Oscars (e.g. best film, direction, screenplay, and soundtrack) and was awarded also at Bafta Gala.

A united kingdom elokuvan juliste

A united kingdom


Ruth and Seretse meet at a party and fall in love. However, their love is not easy, because in 1940s London, a romance between a dark-skinned person and a white-skinned one arouses aggravation. In addition to this, Seretse is the crown prince of Betsuanaland and the duties of a ruler call him. The film is based on true events.

The educational materials of Koulukino are related to the biographical film, the main characters of the film, racial segregation, the colonial period, and national independence. The learning material is aimed at secondary and middle school studies.

Hitchcock elokuvan juliste



Hitchcock is based on true events and the work of Stephen Rebello, when the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock worked on one of his landmark works, the movie Psycho. In particular, the relationship between him and his wife is being investigated.

Koulukino’s learning materials are related to Hitchcock’s career, the concept of “auteur”, biopic films, Hollywood studios, 1950s film production, the Psycho film and its psychoanalysis. The material is aimed at secondary school studies.

The film was nominated at the Oscars for the best make-up and hair.