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Little Miss Sunshine elokuvan juliste

Little Miss Sunshine


The dramatic comedy is about the Hoover family, where everyone has their challenges, and this is a boundary-breaking film about a happy family idyll.

The father is a motivational trainer who unsuccessfully tries to market the “nine steps to success” program. On the other hand, the conservative mother balances her own family and her brother – the brother has just gotten out of the hospital to recover from his traumas, which are caused by the loss of his boyfriend. The brother is still suicidal and depressed. Grandpa Edwin is a loud-mouthed hedonist who wants to enjoy pleasure by all means.

The children of the Hoover family include Olive and Dwayne. Dwayne is a boy who reads passionately the philosopher Nietzsche. In the film, he sulks strongly. When Olive accidentally receives an invitation to participate in a nationally known “Little Miss Sunshine” race in California, the whole family goes on a trip to cheer her on to success by cramming them into a small, yellow, rusty Volkswagen van. During the trip, the family encounters a breakthrough that changes their lives forever.

The film tells the story of how even those who make a poor living in society, can succeed.

The film won two Oscars: Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay.

Juno elokuvan juliste



Juno tells the story of an outspoken and hot-tempered 16-year-old girl who unexpectedly becomes pregnant for her best friend Bleeker. However, after the natural initial shock, Juno gets the support of her family and she decides to give the child up for adoption to the perfect couple, because she is not ready to have an abortion either. This makes Juno explore herself, love, adulthood, and the world in general in ways she might never have otherwise.

The film won the Oscar for best screenplay.

Koulukino’s educational material deals with the film’s three-act model, the main sentence of the film, infertility, adoption, abortion, pregnancy, and the main character of the film. There is also material to process before watching the film. The material is aimed at secondary school studies.

The Shape of Water elokuvan juliste

The Shape of Water


The events take place in 1962 and in North America, where Elisa and Zelda are cleaners and friends in a research laboratory. Speechless Elisa discovers a top-secret object in the laboratory, which is a human-like, aquatic creature worshiped by the citizens of the Amazon rainforest. Agent Strickland of the laboratory performs torturous experiments on the creature, as a result of which the creature almost perishes. An unexpected love story develops between Elisa and the utopian water creature and Elisa decides to release the creature.

The film was significantly awarded four Oscars: best direction, cinematography, music, and set design. Movie was also awarded at the Bafta Gala.

Hitchcock elokuvan juliste



Hitchcock is based on true events and the work of Stephen Rebello, when the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock worked on one of his landmark works, the movie Psycho. In particular, the relationship between him and his wife is being investigated.

Koulukino’s learning materials are related to Hitchcock’s career, the concept of “auteur”, biopic films, Hollywood studios, 1950s film production, the Psycho film and its psychoanalysis. The material is aimed at secondary school studies.

The film was nominated at the Oscars for the best make-up and hair.

Moulin Rouge elokuvan juliste

Moulin Rouge!


The film is based on the well-known Parisian nightclub Moulin Rouge and the events take place at the beginning of the 20th century. Satine (Nicole Kidman) is a well-known courtesan of a nightclub, who aims to succeed in her career and become an actress. Christian (Evan McGregor) is a young American poet who arrives with his friends at a nightclub to plan a new show. A romance develops between these two main characters, and the focus of the film is the development of their love story.

Moulin Rouge has used many well-known pop songs, such as Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and “Material Girl”, The Beatles’ “All you need is love”, Elton John’s “Your Song”, the theme song from The Sound of Music and Nirvana’s ” Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It took almost two years to get the rights to the songs.

The film was successful at the Oscars and received two awards: best art direction-set Decoration and best costume design, and was awarded also at Bafta Gala.

Koulukino’s learning materials deal with postmodern cinema, the position of women in the Moulin Rouge community, and the musical as a type of film genre, and offer a preliminary task before watching the film. The materials are aimed at middle schools and high schools.

Poster of Tolkien movie



“Tolkien,” tells the inspiring story of one of the most famous writers of our time, J.R.R. Tolkien. The film tells, among other things, about his orphanhood, his studies among love, friends, linguists, and artists, and his time as a young British officer in the middle of the First World War. Tolkien’s experiences have ultimately shaped him into the writer we know him to be.

Koulukino’s educational material deals with film production, a biographical film, growing up to be a writer, friendships, and studying and researching languages. The learning material is aimed at middle schools and secondary education.

Ad Astra elokuvan juliste

Ad Astra


Humanity is threatened by strange attacks that come from space. Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pritt) goes deep into space to find the reason for the attacks and at the same time to find his father who disappeared decades ago. On his way, Roy faces an unprecedented threat.

Koulukino’s learning material deals with polyphony, language methods for creating a personal image, information search, writing, analysis tasks, and philosophy discussion tasks. The learning material is aimed at secondary school studies.

Piin elämä elokuvan juliste

Life of Pi


The film is a survival drama about a young Indian man and a tiger, based on Yann Martel’s bestselling novel Life of Pi. It all starts with a Japanese cargo ship that gets into trouble at sea. Everyone else perishes except Pi, the zebra, the hyena, the orangutan, and the Bengal tiger named “Richard Parker”, so Pi’s survival doesn’t seem easy.

The film was awarded four Oscars: best direction, cinematography, soundtrack, and visual effects.

The educational material of Koulukino deals with excerpts from the book and scenes from the film, the illusion of the film, and the depiction of time through the means of film. The material is aimed at high, vocational, and middle schools.

Exodus Gods and Kings elokuvan juliste

Exodus: Gods and Kings


Christian Bale plays Moses in the biblical story depicted with modern film effects. Moses and his brother Ramses defend Egypt, led by their father Seti. In the middle of the battle, Moses saves the life of his brother Ramses. This frightens Ramses, because a prophecy has been made about Moses and because of it he is banished. As a result, Moses rises against his brother and flees the plagues that have just begun, leading 600,000 slaves in the process.

The educational material of Koulukino handles the following topics: the books of Moses, miracles, and slavery. The learning material is aimed at 9th graders and second-level educational institutions.

Bohemian Rhapsody elokuvan juliste

Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody is based on the legendary band Queens and more specifically on its singer, Freddie Mercury. The film contains excerpts from real events.

The film tells how the band rose to fame. However, the singer’s life quickly goes downhill and in the end, in the worst misfortune of all, Freddie is diagnosed with AIDS. Despite his illness, he wants to once again pull off an all-time show at the Live Aid concert in Britain’s Wembley arena.

The film won a whopping four Oscars in the following categories: best actor, video editing, sound editing, and sound mixing.

Koulukino’s educational materials deal with Queen’s music, health, AIDS, HIV, life management, sexuality, culture, minorities, immigration, own roots, writing a film review and equivalent, writing Finnish words from English, and analyzing Finnish versions of songs. The last task is a debate exercise.