Kids Cinema

Free up adults' time for important decisions

Buy or rent Kids Cinema to support your business!

Kids Cinema offers a safe alternative for companies that serve families with children. The automated software frees up the time of both the seller and the parents for important decision-making. We have supplied Kids Cinemas to various operators.

Have you taken families with children into account in your business?

Kids Cinemas include cartoon animations from the biggest companies in the field, which change every six months. Age limits are taken into account when choosing movies to play, and our service includes performance rights for all played works. Automated software does not tie up staff resources.

Our catalog contains top films for children of all ages

Our movie catalog updates frequently, for children of all ages. Catalog includes the best of international film studios. The service includes movie screening rights. Movies are automatically updated every six months via a USB memory stick. Depending on the seasons, it is also possible to get additional updates.

Automated software does not tie up staff resources

Kids Cinema consists a media player and software. The media player is a fully automatic solution that can be connected to the screen, with which you can easily show popular movies to children. Digital image, sound quality, and functions that can be programmed according to the agreed schedule guarantee the best entertainment for children all day long.

The media player starts, plays and changes movies. It turns off automatically, according to your company’s opening hours. We automate the software to work according your wishes.

Kids Cinemas are used in the following places

  • Pharmacies
  • Medical centers
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Service stations and stops
  • …and many more!

For customers, Kids Cinema has become an important part of their business and there is no going back.

Prices from €195/month including software and device.

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