Napapiirin sankarit elokuvan juliste

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Napapiirin sankarit

2010 | 92 min | K-12 | comedy, drama

Janne’s relationship in Lapland cracks when his common-law wife Inari demands that he get the Digibox she already requested to get during the day. Job needs to be done by nine in the morning, otherwise, Inari leaves. This is how the incredible adventure of hunting for a Digibox begins. With his friends, Janne puts everything on the line – for one small electronic device, because it is a matter of Janne’s relationship.

The film magnificently won three Jussi awards: best direction, film, and screenplay.

Koulukino’s learning material deals with Lapland, Lappishness, life management, and northern men.

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About the movie


  • finnish
  • geography


  • defeating difficulties
  • domestic
  • friendship
  • friendship skills
  • humoristic
  • milieu and zeitgeist
  • optimistic
  • relationships
  • team work

Educational levels

  • high schools and vocational schools


  • comedy
  • drama

Age limits

  • K-12


  • Jussi


  • Helsinki-filmi