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A public performance is generally considered to be anything other than a performance with the closest family and friends. In this case, the performance of the works requires permission from the rightholders of the film or a party representing them.
Elokuvien ja dokumenttien esittäminen oppilaitoksessa, nuorisotilassa, kirjastossa tai ip-kerhossa on teoksen julkista käyttöä, joten siihen tarvitsee luvan oikeudenhaltijoilta. Lupa tarvitaan, vaikka elokuvasta esitettäisiin vain lyhyitä, muutaman minuutin tai sekunnin näytteitä.
For streaming services, the same rules apply as for playing DVDs. If the performance takes place in a public situation or in a situation to which anyone may have access, it requires separate permission from the rightholders or their representative. In the case of a closed event, such as a film held with friends, no separate performance permit is required.
YouTube’s Terms of Service allow you to use YouTube for private use only.
The Movie License Annual License is, as the name implies, intended for the continued use of movies in your space . You can show thousands of films from all the film companies covered by our contracts, completely indefinitely. The permit is valid from the desired start date, one year at a time. No action is required to administer or renew the license, which will automatically continue year after year if necessary. There are no movie-specific reporting and no audience restrictions. Suitable for teaching and leisure use. A movie-specific show license allows a single movie to be shown to the public in your space. Our program includes thousands of domestic and foreign films from major importers and producers of American and European films. You can select any movie from the software of the movie companies covered by our agreements. Our film screening product is suitable for educational institutions, companies and communities. Prices from 185, – / film.

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